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  • Hey hey, don't worry! I'm the one who should be apologizing—I think I was pretty dead at the time as well. xD

    Ohh, and you're actually just in time for name changes! The thread is still open right here, and I think you'll have until the end of this month to think of something. xD Also, the link below will be helpful to check if a username is available before you post there:


    Karp sounds pretty awesome haha, but it seems like it was taken. D: Have fun deciding on a new name! =p
    Gotcha! Let me know if you'd like another image cropped in the future! :D

    Also, Lycan got promoted to KFC dictator recently! He was actually the Sandshrew in disguise! XD
    OMG HIII YOU'RE BACK AGAIN! :D Sorry for the late reply! I've been super dead here for the past month, haha.

    And sure, I'd be happy to help! Wanna send me the source images through VM or PM? I could crank up an avatar/sig/whatever you need for ya! :D
    Oh, that's cool! I heard there are even studies called "Game Design" and such. Is it like that, or more general programming? What kind of games are you into?
    Hiding from online, going back to being a solitary-er person lately, and watching Gravity Falls in order. If you start a series when you feel more inteovertial its easier so that was nice. 'v' Sorry im so late
    Wow, you can say I'm happily surprised I still got a reply from that. xD I don't know how much three credits is still, but it doesn't sound like a lot, so good going there! :D
    thats great, done with school done with school, unless you meant for the day and im very late. :/

    Thanks i hope so too QwQ bit my tongue my mouth hurts so its hard to eat aha
    Whatcha been doing?
    Hi!! :D Missed ya!

    Im doing fine i guess, i havent been on much til today this week cause i had a seizure on monday that was probably the worst one, then had another smaller one today and felt real sick plus having two in one week is just...it makes you feel weak really, like youre just not strong emough to do stuff. So currently trying not to hate myself again. 'v'

    Howre you bud?
    Hey, no problem! That's not selfish at all, buddy! (And to be fair, I've been almost gone myself since April as well... *sobbing*)

    Cool to hear that you've gotten a job, though! I'm still searching for a new job myself to replace the makeshift work I've been doing up until now. xD I bet the Sandshrews and Combuskens miss us, huh? (Or maybe they're celebrating that we're not around as much.) :P
    Yep haha, hard to remember sometimes but sall good, plus not counting talking to friends its just a site all cool if you miss some time ^^
    Nah thats fine, go on and just get on when you remember or want to its fine, doesnt matter cause even if its for a couple days we still get to see ya! ^^ and i im honest i still do that a lot too aha
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