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  • Wow, that is amazing! You illustrated it too? Damn, color me impressed. I've seen a lot of fakemon trainers who look sort of too quirky in their design, but she looks so legit as a champion, wow.
    I just have to say, the girl and the style itself in your avatar is so pretty! What is it from?
    that's perfect! I live in Austria so you're actually about 7 hours ahead of me (I think). If you could give me a time when you're available to trade so we can negotiate when to do this? Feel free to PM me :)
    I'd just be giving you another scyther holding a metal coat to send back for a buddy of mine.
    It can be if you want, I have plenty of metal coats. Would you mind doing a trade evolution as well?
    Male is fine. I can trade now if you'd like. Let me know if you want male/female and/or a nickname.
    Hey, that sounds good to me. I'm up for trading at any point, just give me a heads-up when you're available (I'm eastern US)
    Damn, your art's freakingly good! :O

    So bago ka lang sa 6th gen.? Ano ang first 6th gen. game mo? Akin ay PKMN X, binili ko kasabay ang 3DS nung December sa taon na na-release and X at Y.

    Anyway, medyo kinikimkim ko ang excitement ko sa PKMN Z, kasi plano ko na ibuhos ang majority ng excitement ko sa upcoming Super Mystery Dungeon next month! ^^
    Haha no worries! These things happen sometimes. :)

    I sent in your request and I don't imagine it'll be a problem so you should have it back soon enough!
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