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  • Just going to ask permission to change some of the things in Emerald Omega (add moves, change abilities, etc). Is it okay if I do? I'm not going to distribute it, nor share it to others. I'm just going to use it personally.
    Hey thanks for makinh this patch, it's awesome... Just a question, how do i know where to go to get all the pokemons and legendaries??
    Hi! Who made the animations for attacks in your emerald patch? Did you?
    Thanks for the patch btw!
    Are ever going to finish the ''to do list'' for emerald omega?
    Just asking cuz i really want to start playing but if there's a chance you will complete this amazing hack i can wait.
    do you know where i can find the patch for this game. I may have downloaded an older version of the game becuase there isn't a stone vendor in lilycove. So came you tell me what the OP is so i can patch my game.
    Okay these are like really long, could you perhaps edit your reply to put them into a pastebin.

    Thanks :)
    I've expanded all the tables. I've not started move effects, or animations. I'm working on move descriptions and ability descriptions at the moment. Once those are done, I'll start doing move effects and ability ASM.

    The Fairy-type expansion is perfect, except that it doesn't work 100% with Tlachtli's PSS Icons. Once I work out how to fix that bug, i'll write up the tutorial.

    In the mean time I can give you the offsets of things. You should be able to work it out from there.

    2F029C - Type Name Table
    31ACE8 - Type Effectiveness
    31AE38 - Type Names
    56EF14 - Type Name Table II (not the main one, but is probably called in the Pokedex)
    61CF60 - Points to where each icon is in the Type Chart image
    61CFBC - Points to Type Chart, has a limiter (00 17) as well as sizes
    61CFDC - Controls which palette each type icon uses
    D97188 - Type Chart Palette (composed of 3 seperate palettes)
    D971B0 - Type Chart
    Hi, I was wondering if you could tell me what tool you used to make Emerald Omega only playable in SET? Thanks in advance if you respond
    Well thats too bad.. Im really a fan of your hack so its a shame to know that you wont be hacking for a while after emerald omega..
    Hey man, is there anyway you can tell me the method to make the player unable to use healing items in battle? And also, when using this method, can you still allow the computer to use them? Thanks
    Hey, thanks for offering to help with those icons! I currently don't have my laptop with me, but I'll be able to get it tonight and get those screenshots. :)
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