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Maple Leaf
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    like actually honestly pretty much thriving as a functional adult, which is amazing! getting married in october~
    Miss you too, Snek
    I feel bad for not responding to this VM when I got it :( and then you popped in on discord lmao.

    Not much! How about you? It's been a loooong time xD
    oh yeah amtrak is expensive, I thought you meant inner-city transportation, like what people use to get to work and etc
    amtrak is for long distance transport generally, like vacations etc

    and yea ; ; QC is my favorite of the two and I like old towns/cities. i loved it there! Chicago is a popular place for people here to move to lately, it'd be one of the places I'd consider too if i were to move. its somewhat expensive but being used to $2-5k/month apartments in NYC it's soo much better and like heaven for housing lol
    whoa what? NYC transportation is actually some of the cheapest in the country. $2.75 for a trip with one free transfer, and many trains will get you across like 3 NYC boroughs ahah

    boston is expensive yeah. plus it's hard for me to just up and quit my job since it gives insurance, which I need since i'm too old to be on my parents'...
    & I don't like hot places tbh, I'd rather live somewhere with snow. ideally i'd move to Quebec City or Montreal but finding a job w/ language barrier = tough ; ;
    yupp :< It really is. Super expensive for tourists and for people who live here, majority of people live with roommates or you'd have to be really really rich.. i'd love to move out honestly!
    oh man congrats lmao I'm the same pretty much, that sorta stuff is soo hard
    i hope it works out for you both <33
    fine! I'm doing well, def much better than the hell that was 2015 lol
    I hope you have too <33
    yeah sadly. its been absolute madness lately /= i feel like it's hard to feel safe no matter where you go. thanks so much for asking btw <3
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