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Maple Leaf
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  • Yeah, I live in Galveston with my boyfriend and his mom. Again, long story. We need to catch up lmao.

    That's sweet. Economics is not too bad. I just graduated with a degree in IT.
    A lot has happened, really. I moved to Houston in 2015 and a lot of stuff happened to the point that I became a completely different person. I don't know how to summarize it though because it is literally too much lmao.
    Hey! HAPPY NEW YEAR! I remember you and you were on pe2k, yeah? HA it's been a long time!
    kinda came back out of nowhere ahaha - how are you? How've you been? Did you have a good holiday and new years? :o
    google would show you more than I would, I've hardly been to most interesting places in NYC and live in Staten Island which is the forgotten borough with almost nothing to do lol. I'm eager to move out somewhere, apartment prices are way too expensive here ;(
    ooo awesomepossum that you're visiting here <3 are you going to college in NYC, or just taking a trip??
    The plus side for the Cubbies that they have depth, and could always trade for a big bat before the deadline. I like what I see from Cinci though, they have a good crop of young, hungry guys but they need to play "moneyball" for a season or two and build a deep roster that can compete in the Central, and that's going to take time. The groundwork is here though, but I see them as a 70-75 win ballclub this year, tops.
    Fairly okay. I quit my job recently since my boss was rude and the pay wasn't very good, so I'm gonna start looking again soon. how about you??
    I hope so, it would be dope to say I saw Boston & Chicago break both streaks in my lifetime, haha. But daaaaamn they're loaded everywhere, pitching, outfield, relievers, everything. They should win 100 games easily, maybe 103-105. I'm sure the Pirates will win 95 again and snag that wildcard.

    Meanwhile the Reds will get eaten alive in the Central, lmao. ;-;
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