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  • Hey btw, there's a Big Surprise for u ^^. Not gonna tell u yet, check the PM I sent u & u'll know {:3}.

    Pika Pika :chu:
    Yep, that wud be the right thing to do, coz there are gonna be 2 Eliminations & unfortunately ur team might want to vote u out. I will surely inform u when its time for the Wild Card Round, which should happen soon. And if u make it back, u'll be playing for urself, so there' won't be any pressure of letting ur team down.

    And u are a really sweet girl Maria, very calm, cool & collected, the exact opposite of what I am, lol {XD}
    Ya I can totally understand that, work pressure, meh, I face that too -_-.

    Would u want to be informed of the Wild Card Round? I know u wouldn't have time, but still.
    Hey Maria, first of all, congrats on the new job {:3}.

    And don't worry, no one can understand work pressure better that me eh :P.

    Hey u might also have a PM from my side, just acknowledge that as well, okay.

    And, u forgot to do the Pika dance {XD}

    Hey Maria howz u :).

    I had the Pelipper Postal Service drop a mail in ur mailbox, which u need to reply to asap (I mean there's a PM I sent, plz reply :P).

    Annnndddd all original tribes gone, poof!

    New Tribes being allotted, u need make a selection, come on quick, quick, quick.
    Sucks. Bad weather here can be everyday. xD Can I still come over and visit you? =D

    Pokémon AND Yu-Gi-Oh!; I like both. You what now? xD
    Let me come over and enjoy your vacation! :D

    Mostly playing Trading Cards and videogames. You?
    Go for it if you want, I've never been particularly fussed about what people call me xD
    I'm good thanks, what about you? :3
    Thank you so much! Come visit me and watch me work! :D

    No problem, dear! I'll help you on anything even non-Pokémon related. :D

    Aww... well, let me know which Pokémon I can start helping you with.
    You think so? =D

    Not for the whole 8 years; I've gone and come back at times, this time I hope it's permanent! :D

    Really? Wow. I tend to do that since Red and Blue back in '99. Well, tell me which ones you would like or need now. I can definitely help you, and want to n,n *seriously hugs* <3 And yeah; there hasn't been a Generation where I haven't completed a PokéDex
    Well, I'm a Bilingual Interpreter working for one of the most important Interpretation companies in the world, and at home! :D Please do; I'd love if you visit. :D

    Yeah, I actually am. And have the emblem to show for it, if you look at my profile! :D And yes, after 9 years, they do. But the best parts of my PC life happened around a year after I joined! :D

    Wait, you haven't completed your Pokédex?! In any game at all? D= I can help you if you wish. n,n *hugs*
    Yeah, same. I have White and White 2.
    Don't worry about it. I'll don a trench coat and a crowbar should do the job. We'll be busting down people's doors in no time.
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