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Mars THT
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  • Pokémon War - The Hoenn Tale Blog #6

    With the recent DMCA shutdown of Relic Castle, I have made a difficult transition from Essentials 21.1 to 19.1. This decision was made for the following reasons:
    • There are a larger variety of plugins for 19.1 than 21.1
    • The availability for modular plugins (primarily supplied by Luka-SJ) are compatible with 19.1
    • The necessity for more updated coding is quite low for the project
    Additionally, I am creating a new town that was never included in the Hoenn region named Kinetsu. This town will be located where New Mauville was available. It will be an unorthodox town, as it will all be underground. The name is merely the Japanese name for Mauville. This will be a welcome inclusion as it will replace the towns that were removed from the project.

    The following are the completed town maps:

    Littleroot, Oldale, Petalburg, Dewford, Rustboro, Verdanturf, Lavaridge, Fallarbor, Slateport, Mauville, Kinetsu, Fortree, Lilycove, Sootopolis, and Mossdeep.
    The following are the completed route maps:

    Route 101, 102, 103 (West and East), 104 (North and South), 105, Petalburg Woods, Route 106, 107, 109, 110, Rusturf Cave, Route 116, 117, and 118.

    All trainers as available in section 2.5 of the planned storyboard (https://onedrive.live.com/view.aspx?resid=D84BD6E3627BA702!2897&authkey=!AIwvORcNposIrm0) have been programmed in, the sprites are all a work in process.
    Pokemon War - The Hoenn Tale Blog #5

    All of the Hoenn towns/cities planned for use have been completed to scale (or as near to) as I could figure it out. The game will not include HM's, so there are routes that I do not plan on making (ex. Route 105, 107, etc.). I plan to just make route by route in order of the pending storyline (found on post page).
    I've managed to intrigue an acquaintance (@Kyratra) to conceptualize sprites/concepts for what the Legendary Beast trio were before they were revived by Ho-Oh, as the game is intended to take place prior to the Bell Tower tragedy. It is exciting to think about what the results will turn out to be, and may be the only custom 'Mons for this project, so I hope they realize just how important this is for me.

    Regarding my assistance on Pkmn Seasons: I have developed the region map over the physical structure of Iceland, as it is a round landmass and had some inspirational mountain ranges. This allowed for a good concept for splitting up each section and plotting out the towns/cities for the project.

    Lastly, I am finally approaching my return to work. I've been so active with these projects, and been pushing myself so much, because I've been depressed due to three months of unemployment after being fired just before Christmas. I am excited to finally reach the end of this rut and slump.
    Pokemon War - The Hoenn Tale Blog #4

    I have, at this time, nearly completed making all of the Hoenn towns/cities in RPMXP. I am considering doing a release to the community once I've completed mapping the region so that people don't have to go through the effort of coding the tilesets and trial-and-error making the maps if they like RSE Hoenn maps. I won't be doing this until I've finished all of the routes, regardless, so this is just current musings.

    Additionally, I've been working on plotting out maps for another concept game (Pokemon Seasons: https://forums.bulbagarden.net/index.php?threads/pokemon-seasons.299690/ and https://www.pokecommunity.com/threads/pokémon-seasons.526429/). I was initially brought on as an audio technician for BGM/SFX, but have been requested to assist with other responsibilities. According to the theory, the map is circular and I made a rough draft of it using Iceland as inspiration. Does anyone have any other circular (or semi-circular) land masses that come to mind that I can test out making a region map based on?
    Pokemon War - The Hoenn Tale Blog #2
    I have finished my first draft of the elevation map. I now know to call it a topographical map, but that's such a pain to type.
    With this estimated assembly of regions, assumptions of location of the target of AZ's weapon, and theorized topography of the regions, I'm now going to revamp my story line for the game from the beginning.
    Keep in mind, I am aware that this may not canonically be the compilation of the regions. I just put together the regions in this orientation because of the real life inspiration locations for said regions.
    I am also more comfortable with assuming that the weapon fired from Kalos (based on real life Europe) towards Japan (because of real life wars).

    Pokemon War - The Hoenn Tale Blog #1

    Regional Map is finally finished. Next in development will be the elevation map. The story for the game is not forgotten, but when these maps are complete I'll be able to better plan out the story of the regions leading up to the events of the game.
    No fakemon or regional exclusives are planned as these are all canonical regions and pseudo events as told through tidbits throughout the game franchise.

    Elevation map? I'm in another one of those blank mind states again lol. I should probably call those Slowkings lol
    Mars THT
    Mars THT
    lol I love it. A map that shows elevation of the region. So it shows the heights of mountains and forests. It'll help me plan out how the weapon will have affected the nearby regions.
    I think I get it?… I think lol
    Hello, anyone who happens to come across this.

    With a new wind under my feet, I have begun the arduous journey to attempt a non-career as a cartographer for the cannon Pokemon universe. In my concept for 'Pokemon War - The Hoenn Tale' (THT), I have mapped out a map of the Japanese regions (and missing spaces) based on their real life locations.

    In addition to this, I will be reworking the story-board that I had for the game itself. The living dex file and concept file will be updated on the OneDrive files so that they are open to browsing at your convenience.

    Happy 2024 everyone, keep well.
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