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  • I just wanted to thank you for making a wonderful tool that has made me able to finally create the Pokémon game I've been wanting to make for years. Thank you so very much.
    You are adding gen 7 moves and abilities, but gen 6 moves and abilities, and even the Fairy type aren't in pokemon essentials yet, do you plan on adding those, and/or the pokemon?
    Hey bawss, are you still working on Pokemon Essentials?
    Two thoughts - 1) It could totally use a beginners section that teaches the player the basics of rpgmaking. (which I wouldn't mind making)
    2) I'm trying to crack on the of the bugs caused by Mapfactory. Would you be interested in helping me figure it out?
    Thanks a lot. I'll let you know if I run into any issues. We're definitely long overdue for a TCG mod.
    Yo, Maruno. Are you still working on the TCG mod or have you dropped it? If you have any files left over from your attempt I'd love to take a crack at it.
    Hey I was wondering if there were any abilities or move effects that are still unimplemented?
    For example overworld abilities.
    I'd like to and can help out in that aspect.
    Hello good sir, I was hoping you could help me troubleshoot. Whenever I try to run my game I get "Script 'Sprite Window' line 218: Runtime Error Occurred. Filename is nil". Could you please help me?
    Nevermind then.

    # fill with HP color

    # fill with HP color

    I just figured out a way already.
    Hello Maruno, would you mind helping lock my Pokemon Lost Story thread? I think I will update everything on Devianart and will reopen it when the beta is done. Thank you very much for reading, and sorry for all the trouble.
    Hi Maruno, would you mind locking my thread "Pokemon Guardians." I am going to post a more understandable summary of the game and its features in the new post "Pokemon Guardians Version". If you do not mind, please have someone lock the one without the word version :)
    I submitted 2 threads regarding "Pokemon Celestial Light" The most recent one is the only one that works. The other has a broken link. Sorry about any confusion...
    I think Maruno is busy atm. Maruno is pretty quick with submitting these Pokemon fangame/hack/mod threads but I think he has other stuff going on. Could be family issues, updates for Pokemon Essentials or none of your freakin' business.

    Maruno, if you come back, give someone here a job to approve Pokemon threads. Preferably me. I need something to do on the Internet again.
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