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Master Snowy
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  • I am soooo happy that you reach out to me, I never forget you and thought about you on our birthday ♡ I am so happy that I saw this message so soon (I rarely use the email address thats on the forum!) I can't wait to get back in touch with you, I sent you an invite on Discord ♡
    While this is a very good game idea for a Thread, it wouldn't be a good one to have on the Event right now, coz we're already close to 100 pages & this game will only eat up more posts (add to the fact that having a second Thread for an Event may not be a good idea). Also in case I don't log in for a while & a majority of u is online, everyone could get close to 100, which will again amount to too many pages, of too many double posts.

    Thnx for the suggestion though.
    Sent u a PM (just sent one to Dedenne as well, in case u're not around later). Read that & u'll know what's up.

    Okay need to go to sleep now, have to wake up early, coz my sisters will be coming over. Read the VM & plz take care, coz I may not be on again today (its well past midnight here :)).
    Caught up with me at least {XD}.

    Btw, don't see u on too often nowadays. Busy? Work?

    Pika Pika :chu:
    Yeps, I have, getting good response. Here the Link, just in case :).

    Also, I'm feeling very relieved right now, something work-related was bothering me, but I got it done & it wasn't successful, yippeeeee ^^, ya u heard right, wasn't successful, yoooohoooo ^^.

    Pika Pika :chu:
    Na don't worry, I found another topic people will surely (& are) find interesting. So are u a leftie or right-handed? :P

    Btw, I put up 32 questions on the Event Thread, did u check them out? ~_~

    Pika Pika :chu:
    We go together like Ash & Pikachu <3 :P

    Haha we totally make an awesome team though!! {:3}

    You were great today! I hope you sleep well ^.^ Talk to you soon!

    Take care & Goodnight! :D
    I think its coz "no fun allowed", just saying :P.

    I don't like debating or arguing either (oh really ;))

    Anyways, looks like my Team is gonna finish last, coz my Partner is offline & doesn't seem like gonna come on soon & its quite late here, so I think I should go to sleep as well {:3}.
    I'm doing gr8 ^^

    Wud want to have a few replies HERE. No ones biting though, isn't that an interesting topic :(

    Pika Pika :chu:
    Hello! I've been fine, nothing too interesting, you? I'm glad you like my wall, I tried my best. Yours looks great, loving the blues.
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