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Master Snowy
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  • Tbh, I really hate the couple nicknaming :P, we have a lot of it here as well {XD}.

    But yeah I like Sheldon & Amy, they aren't ur normal "couple".

    Ya, been wanting to colour up my wall for a long time, finally did it ^^. Just looking for a good background pic now.
    Btw, I've changed a lot (as in my Profile, its more colourful now & my avatar as well), noticed that?
    Ya what to do, quite used to the rain now, its the same every year :P.

    That Pika song is very addictive. My gf has got really irritated by now & has given me an ultimatum - stop watching the Pika video or she's gonna kick me out, rofl {XD}

    Ya its one of my fav shows. I really like Jim Parson's character (the guy who plays Sheldon Cooper). And hey one of the lead characters shares my name huh ;)

    Pika Pika :chu:
    Heyo Snowy wasup,

    Good morning/afternoon/evening/ to u as well :P.

    I'm doing gud, just a bit too much on hand right now, work-related stuff, just about managing.

    And ya the rainy season is really bad here, u're almost always knee-deep in water, too dangerous to ride ur bike, have to car pool, get stuck in hours & hours of traffic jams -_-.

    Anyways what's the news from ur end? all good?
    no problem, don't mention it

    I'm not going to delete his first post, but I made a slight edit to it now, is this sufficient?
    ...that really wasn't necessary, like, at all! the goodwill is noted but none of that was needed, darling.
    No crying, only smiles :) and........

    What wud make me happier is see u :).

    I noticed what u put up on the Thread (the one u mentioned in the PM). Do the replies make u feel any better? Giving it a thought?
    Pika Pika!
    Piiikachu, Piiikachu, Pikachu![IMG]
    Pika Pika Piiikachu, Pikachu![IMG]
    Pika Pika Pika Pika![IMG]
    Pika Pika! Pika Pika! Pika Pika! Pika Pika![IMG]
    I've already done it. Sorry for the slightly late reply; PC is still having more issues than Archie Comics.
    Hey snowy, I'm using your list rn and that helps but that 10 minutes thing likely won't happen since someone would have to be on right now since this is my only freetime till 730 tonight. I'm just a bit too busy for my own liking and will likely be slow with this. Idk how we are gonna get Catman to post
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