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  • No experience but I've been learning about hacking overall and feel that mapping and scripting will be the "easiest" areas for me to learn.
    Actually, I started to have another issue, I can't seem to fit this script into something:

    #dynamic 0x800000

    #org @start
    checkflag 0x510
    if 0x1 goto @already
    msgbox @hello 0x6
    msgbox @marist 0x6
    msgbox @yeet 0x6
    msgbox @hi 0x6
    msgbox @ending 0x6
    giveitem 0x18 0x1 0x0
    setflag 0x510

    #org @already
    msgbox @igave 0x6

    #org @hello
    = Let me tell you how Pope John Paul II\nhad invented World Youth Day! On a Palm\lSunday in St. Peter's Square, Pope John\lPaul II

    #org @marist
    = and was dedicated to strengthening, \nreviving the soul, and inviting Jesus\linto hearts of the younger generation.

    #org @yeet
    = The young Catholic Church \nis quite small, but that gave no excuse\lto celebrate the\lyoung!

    #org @hi
    = The event of World Youth Day removed\nthe alienation of of all ages regarding\lthe faith and beliefs of Jesus,

    #org @ending
    = From that first day, \lAustralians, and all the young were baptised to enlarge\lthe Catholic community with new\ladherents

    #org @igave
    = Congrats! You made it to the end!
    Despite it's shortness.
    Now, to film the video I need to do... That will be easy! You have my deepest thanks, without your assistance, I would be panicking, a lot. :D I will mention you to my teacher when I submit.
    The issue is, the assessment is due tomorrow. I'll try writing some shorter scripts to see the results, and then I'll send it to you, Thankyou for taking your time for me. It's greatly appreciated.
    Hey man! Thank you so much for the love. We Independent/Underground artists live for that one factor only. I am glad it made you feel better. I will be dropping a Mix-tape very soon!
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