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  • Hey Mawa! I finally managed to get access to my old account thanks to Sheep. So, here is to confirm that this is Master Snowy and the post made by my new account below is also legit. Please do email me at [email protected]

    I wanted to send a private message to you with my snapchat and discord but it said that your inbox is full and did not let me message you.

    Hi, this is Master Snowy (from 2015). I lost all my accounts to a hack a year or two ago, I lost all my good friends to it.

    Idk if you are still here but is this you Marie? :) We used to be on snapchat together and I think this forum is where we had originally met

    I have missed you so much...

    If possible, please reply to me here or even, email me at [email protected]

    Thank you
    I've been meaning to give the series a try ever since I finished the book, actually. I've heard that it's different, but I don't mind—I might even be pleasantly surprised. ^_^ In the book, I had no idea which rabbits would be killed (since several were in the movie), so the whole time I was on tenterhooks, haha. I'm guessing the series is less... traumatic? xD; Enjoy the rest of the book! The escape from Efrafa is where things get thrilling.

    If you're unsure, then waiting is probably best; the series isn't that far away now. ^_^ The design you chose would make a really nice tattoo, though! The Inlé tattoos I've seen on the internet are all running shadows. Where would you have it placed? If you don't mind my asking.

    The Dark Crystal is a 1982 film by Frank Oz and Jim Henson (who also made Labyrinth), and the animatronics are astounding! It's a fantasy genre. The protagonist is Jen, a creature called a Gelfling. Jen is told that he's the last of his race, and that he has a vital quest to fulfil—return a lost shard to the dark crystal, and restore balance to the world.

    The upcoming miniseries is said to be a prequel of the film. I'm really excited. :)
    Haha yeah, I love the Inlé concept. As a bunny grim reaper, it's actually pretty scary! Chapter 31: The Story of El-ahrairah and the Black Rabbit of Inlé is actually one of my favourites—it gave me shivers. I haven't read Tales from Watership Down or seen the series, but I will eventually. And I highly recommend the book! It's one of the few books I've read that actually tugged at my heartstrings.

    An Inlé tattoo sounds like a neat idea. Which design would you use? :)

    I know, neither can I! There hasn't been much news about it. I'm also really looking forward to the new Dark Crystal miniseries that's being made. <3
    That is a cute new avatar and sig combo. I like it way more than the old one. If you changed your name like everyone else is doing, I probably wouldn't even know it's still you, haha.
    If Game Freak doesn't learn from the faults of S/M (especially USM), the next game might as well be called Pokemon: The Order 1886.

    If you don't get the reference, The Order 1886 is a laughably bad 3rd person shooter on PS4 where the whole game is literally cutscenes with Quick Time Events that can't be failed and sometimes walking and shooting.
    The "game" is its cliched story and nothing else.

    Your comments on the long cutscenes reminded me of a comment on the Order "Please skip the cutscenes!"
    "Literally can't. It's the whole game."
    Yesss haha, it's older footage, but how lovely. I was so used to his L'arc hairstyles that were shorter that I flipped when he got dreads. idk, Hyde has never looked bad, IMO. lol
    He really does. When I first saw your theme I was like "what a beautiful lady, omg---- WAIT. THat's hyde..." I loved his dreads, p sure he doesn't have them anymore nowadays. ;;
    Sounds comfy~ it only snowed on christmas eve and day here. it was pretty magical. i wonder when itll snow again. because of climate change the weather is messed up and itll probably start snowing in february like last year... lol
    Crystal is coming out in four days!!!!! :D
    as for me, im just looking for full time work, my life is basically just work and then goofing off on the computer lol. not really a bad life though
    Fun :D In Florida? I went to Universal there in November. How is 2018 treating you?
    It's okay, it was unclear if Crystal was going to come out! I had a feeling but still wasnt sure... im so excited, only 15 days left :D
    No worries! Hows life?!
    I'm alright! Really excited for Crystal on the eshop! :DD
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