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  • i've been here for a long time, i was on the irc channel for many years before discord was a thing
    Marieeee sorryyyyy, forgot to reply to your message :3c, was a bit busy. Will get to it rn :P.

    Pika Pika :chu:
    Yeah same. There's a main series game coming out for Switch. I'm more excited to hear about that.
    Thank you so much, Mawa!! :D I got Breath of the Wild for my birthday and I am sooooooooooo into it, ahaha. I died like 5 times at the beginning, though... xD

    Oops, I somehow forgot to reply to this! :o Sorry about that! But anyway, I haven't gotten the Switch yet—I'm using a Wii U for Breath of the Wild, heheh. The Switch does seem like a pretty awesome system, though the price is a little too much to handle right now. xD I might get one in a few years when there's another new Zelda game. :P
    Tu connais pas la regle du mirror??? Si quelqu'un t'insulte et tu dis mirror, l'insulte rebondis sur eux! :D
    You're gonna get me sacked. I'm playing Tetris, when I should be working, lol {XD}.

    Gets really fast once past 500k. Almost got to your score, just about crossed 510k, but not good enough. Still trying though, not gonna let you take that crown so easily ;).

    Pika Pika :chu:
    On est retombé à 12 ce matin :(
    Mais cette nuit c'était encore 28, j'avais laissé la fenêtre ouverte et des gens ont décidés d'aller se battre dans le parking en face de mon appart. -_-
    Non je n'ai pas encore vu o_o ne vais aller voir ça!
    Je déteste cette température la nuit lol j'ai pratiquement pas dormi parce qu'il faisait trop chaud ;~;
    Oui mais la vague de chaleur vient avec des orages et de la pluie hahaha
    On s'en sort pas ;-;
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