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  • Is everything okay? I haven't really been able to talk to you much in the past 24, and you've only been up for an hour or two. Wanna play Osu! later, or something? Or at least talk to me on Steam 'n shit so we can work out a way you can be not so bored.

    And why the hell is everyone looking through my messages with Akidix <_<
    Morning Kestuno Ana-chan!

    Yeah, I'm fine, it's just all this discord has been a bit overwhelming and I didn't notice unti- oooh, nice profile background.

    I didn't notice until about yesterday. The fatigue built up and really started to hit me in the gut, I felt this overwhelming sense of dread, and started thinking about how likely I was to lose just about everyone that I like online in all but a few days. The thought still worries me.

    For your back, stretches, and stop sleeping for such a long time <_< Ugh, we need to get you some hobbies, I swear. And no can do on the shaved legs. After all, are you really using that time to do something you couldn't otherwise? I'm sure you could listen to shit in the meantime. That or I could drop voiced pseudo/smut on ya and you could listen to that, but that might make yer legs all shaky- it's fine, my voice has that effect~

    But I've been at work, just got back a little while ago, actually. I wish had a day/night battle with myself- hell, I even thought about it when I woke up at 4:30 and didn't move because I was still pretty tired. Ugh. I went to sleep at 9 last night because the streaming absolutely drained me. In fact, I didn't mention that, and I feel shitty because I only thought about it during work today. You might've noticed I've been falling to sleep without warning a good deal recently, and thaaat's pretty much why. I put a surprising amount of energy into streams, especially when there's another person talking, so when I'm done, the fatigue hits me like a ton of bricks. The upside is that it generally makes for early mornings, and I enjoy that quite a bit. When I actually get up at least :/

    But other than that, what've you been up to, kid?
    Right, but I've also been on here for 8 years. Technically 5-6.

    But I have been VMing people I don't know a lot, recently, which me before lewd would think is...shocking.

    Anyway, what're you gonna do, kid?
    Please, I'm not popular. Certainly don't have the social skills to be, and I don't really like the idea of it. I've always been the type that prefers having a smaller group of close friends rather than a large group of acquaintances.

    Eeeeeh. Sucks. I mean, I'm building up this healthy backlog of content on Youtube and my games are lasting longer as a result, but I also don't get many chances to play them, anymore.
    Pfffft, implying.

    Well, I have some work that I've been trying to get done since this morning, but things haven't really been going my way, so it's not done. Which sucks, because I wanna play geimus but I have to get the work done, and I keep putting off the work because I wanna play geimus. And because of you girls, with your ways <_<

    Well, that and me tryin' to get this Huniepop badge without adding to my wallet. So that's been fun. Getting close. And yeah, hopefully stream later if things go well.
    Oh damn, timing. Well you could still go to the mall, especially if you have someone to go with, and if you don't, go anyway and nab some cuties for some afternoon fun. That or use your feminine wiles to get them to buy things for you. As I often do with my macholine charms.

    That or actually sleep., which I recommend the most. After all, imma start streaming after I get this work done, and you should be there for, like, 2 or 3 minutes.
    Woah, lacist.

    How're you doin'? Been quiet most of today. And yesterday, for that matter, other than Ash stuff. Things going alright?
    Not sure if you've played, but Blythe is a pretty neat track. Real experimental, and it's...M2U, I believe? You should try it out if you haven't.
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