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  • "Last Activity: June 11th, 2021 2:00 AM"
    ... Hope you're doing well buddy.
    Hey! Doesn't look like you've been around for while (and neither have I tbf), but I've been playing a ton of yugioh and actually picked up Karakuris, which made me remember all those times we played years ago haha.

    Hope you're doing well, living the life, all that jazz,

    - Flushed

    No idea if you're still around but if you are, hey how's it going? :D And if not then... well, I guess you won't see this regardless in that case so I'll just try out my art skills with random keyboard typing: -o\o|o|o/o- that is kind of cool looking right???

    I dunno if I'll be staying around much and/or if you'll be around at all but would be fun to catch up about some things if we are so hit me up if you see this and I'll, uh, hit you back up then :D
    Reviseee I already said it in your thread but so I don't forget that I already said happy birthday like last year I wanted to say it here too :D So HAPPY BIRTHDAY hope you're having an amazing day <333
    The smile that trembles deep behind your tears is the promise of the world since the beginning of time. Even if I'm alone now, from our yesterdays, today is born sparkling...

    Like the day when we first met. <3
    Wishing you the best of luck in the future!! Please do take care! <3 You will achieve wonderful things, I know it!
    ...got any fun trivia game recommendations? (or personal favorites)?

    Going back to it, i realized wow. I always click the same stuff every time.
    Reviseee! It's (literally) been years - almost like flying off to another planet and coming back decades later. Was just looking through the old messages on my wall and dropped by to say hi :)

    Hope all is well with you
    Hey, how have you been? Keeping busy? :o

    No worries, take your time...I have a tendency to ramble and type overly long messages that take forever to respond to, haha. Glad you enjoyed 00 - it's easily my favourite series after Zeta. Well, excluding the movie, which was a bit...uh...out there. But Patrick Colasour is my hero and he makes everything better <3

    Better start hoping for a Dynasty Warriors Gundam 4 with a crossover narrative like the third had, haha...or keep an eye on those Super Robot Wars games. It would be quite an interesting meeting because they kinda end up in reversed positions, almost - Setsuna starts out as a child soldier, and that's arguably how Mika ends up before the end, although Tekkadan has more legitimacy as a recognised organisation than Celestial Being. Interesting parallels! I can't imagine they would have too much to say to one another initially though since neither is given to conversation. xD

    Thanks. Think I needed the time away to collect my thoughts and get a handle on life, and it...sort of maybe a little bit worked? For the moment, anyway.
    AHHH hahahah I was like ??? Noooo DID I FORGET HOW COULD I. I'm glad I did wish you a happy birthday on time this year then!! Guess it never hurts to say it twice, I'll be back next year (and hopefully remember) :D
    Surprise!!!! There we have it, 100 notifications just for you, all from your Clover! 😊 Teehee, you're welcome, honey!!

    You make my heart feel so much stronger... it's hard to believe how I once was, looking back! You've changed me for the better in so many ways! And yet, I still have a long way to go before I can claim to be as beautiful a person as you are, Revise. :')
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