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  • I truly am the most blessed and lucky girl in existence to have won the heart of a real angel. 😊 I hope my angel will watch over me, always... <3333333333333333333333333333
    Teehee, I feel really happy that I was able to give you all these notifications and I hope it makes you smile!! Now you'll get to show off your record all the time! (*/ω\)~ ♡
    And you have such a beautiful imagination!! Don't take your wonderful qualities for granted, my angel! You're such a treasure! 💚
    You deserve all the love in the world. :') I promise to keep giving you as much love as I possibly can!! (っ˘з(˘⌣˘ ) ♡
    If the stars were mine
    I'd give them all to you
    I'd pluck them down right from the sky
    And leave it only blue
    I would never let the sun forget to shine upon your face
    So when others would have rain clouds you'd have only sunny days
    If the stars were mine
    I'd tell you what I'd do
    I'd put the stars right in a jar and give them all to you

    If the birds were mine
    I'd tell them when to sing
    I'd make them sing a sonnet when your telephone would ring
    I would put them there inside the square, whenever you went out
    So there'd always be sweet music whenever you would walk about
    If the birds were mine
    I'd tell you what I'd do
    I'd teach the birds such lovely words and make them sing for you
    I'd teach the birds such lovely words and make them sing for you

    If the world was mine
    I'd paint it gold and green
    I'd make the oceans orange for a brilliant color scheme
    I would color all the mountains, make the sky forever blue
    So the world would be a painting and I'd live inside with you

    If the world was mine
    I'd tell you what I'd do
    I'd wrap the world in ribbons and then give it all to you
    I'd teach the birds such lovely words and make them sing for you
    I'd put those stars right in a jar and
    Give them all to you

    Teehee, now I'm remembering all the fun times we shared on Watch2Gether, all the music we played. :') There's nothing I treasure more than the time I spend by your side. <333333333333333333333333
    One day you and I will plant our special tree together, won't we? I wonder where we'll plant it... somewhere we know the tree will be untouched, a place we feel at peace together! And when that tree is all grown, we can sit beneath it and reminisce... 😊
    You really are a beautiful soul. :') Listening to Smiles and Tears makes me feel so nostalgic for you, even though you're right here! It suits you so much! 💚💚💚💚💚
    Wow, I'm really close to achieving my goal of giving you 100 notifications!!! 🙊 This VM marks 90!! <333333333333333333333333333333333333

    I was a lot more stalkerish than I let on, you know!! (>///<) I would check your profile a lot, hoping to see you viewing mine, ehehe! 😳
    And here is an example of me obsessively stalking you in mid 2018....
    "Love will taste like malasadas... or malasadas will taste like love?" <- I never noticed the writing in that Ash x Serena image before! x3
    And this is exactly you with all your devoted fangirls!!! 😭❤️ Also I love the art style, omg!!

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