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  • You will get your reply on Discord. 3:) So you better add me asap!
    How do you mean? Do you mean it's listed there or is there actual poison spilled over that list? xD
    Can't believe it's already 10 years old for DP. :')

    You talk like you don't play Pokemon anymore :(

    "You Say ~Shark~"?? Whhhyyy??

    When you mentioned Dai Gyakuten Saiban 2, I was completely surprised! Didn't know there's a second one in the series!! :o The release of DGS really depends on DD and SoJ; knowing Capcom they aren't going to release DGS if the aforementioned English 3DS titles didn't get great sales... :(
    I do recall Professor Rowan saying something like legendary Pokemon don't evolve... Hmm... I wouldn't be so quick to call that an inconsistency; more like Sinnoh confirmed

    Btw, my young sis plays Pokemon too. :p

    "You may find that there's more to it than meets the eye!" What are you hiding?? :(

    Have you played or been following the latest AA game?
    Yep, it's possible to transfer it to the main game! It's just, however, a gimmick Pokemon, like the Spiked-ear Pichu. Although the Ash-Greninja is at least usable than the little mouse.

    Okk, here's a real spoiler

    Shipping Athena and Kristoph.

    Oh deer!
    Huh wait, is that my shopping list? Oops, I'm so messy these days. Now where did I leave my world domination plans again?

    You could at least made me platinum. I need world domination too.
    Oh, don't forget the Munchlax giveaway promotion! I've started yesterday and no significant progress yet, due to busy schedule. Oh yes, I got myself Sun version, nonono, it's not what you think -- my sis picked Moon version, so I went with the Sun. Although I'ma get myself a Moon version, perhaps in January or later this month? Here's a major spoiler about Pokemon Sun, brace yourself.
    Wow, everybody seems to be getting evil twins these days. If that's the case, sure thing! *hands over papers*
    Have you picked yourself the latest Pokemon games?

    Those black psyche locks, I don't believe they are gonna be locked for the whole eternity. :P
    Is it me, or are you trying to pair up the Swellow and Dartrix? AwA

    That's an awesome edit, would be great if Shiny Dartrix's colors are wine red. XD
    Thanks, my minion pal! Of course, here have a l- waaaaaaaaaait a minute! I've seen somebody else using the same avatar as you earlier, but I can't exactly place it. That is highly suspicious, don't you think?
    ...and yet you still kept the same username lol. (Good choice tho.)

    Haha, nice! You should defriend the other four so that they'll always be next to each other. <3 Seriously, I can't understand why you're still friends with that Revise Librarian guy after I hired you.
    Have you seen Rowlet's evolution?
    It looks like Edgeworth

    Oh, I believe those black locks are placed there for the sake of 'future events' for future AA games -- should Shu Takumi re-pick up the AA series.

    I haven't played Dual Destinies either, the impression I get from DD and the AAI series is that the characters are overexaggerated; Shu Takumi's are exaggerated too, but they are to the point and perfectly well, not too much.
    While it is a mispronunciation, it sounds better and more precise that way. Because of the characters are psycho! XD

    Kristoph's black psycholocks, I wanna see those dark secrets.

    Soooo I take it that Dahlia would be your favorite villain from the series? (:
    But I am biased towards Edgeypoo

    The overall gameplay is really similar to the main series. The things that set AAI and sequel to the main ones are the lack of Magatama (for obvious reasons) and we have logic thinking for that, as well as the additional logic chess in the sequel. Secondly, you control Miles like an RPG character instead of a novel-like experience. Difficulty wise, AAI is on par with the very first AA title, while AAI2 is as difficult as AA3 and has one of the longest cases! If you're curious or care about the plot, you might wanna give Investigations a try!

    Have you played Apollo Justice before? It is the fourth in series, an Ace Attorney DS game released 9 years ago.
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