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  • Emerald's an excellent choice for his first game, I say! XD
    Ruby was my first game. :)

    Aw, that's unfortunate. :/
    Oh, that's cool. :) For me, I wanted to restart Emerald but the screen of my Gameboy Advance is kind of blur, so I can't really see the screen properly. I miss playing the 3rd generation now. :(
    Hello! I'm currently waiting for school which is going to start in 2/3 months.

    Meanwhile, I'm mustering up the courage to get myself a job. >< [/lazy]

    What about you?
    That is interesting. The closest thing I have to that is a nearby charter school, that is by no means more advanced, but it is specialized in art.

    I would start playing the first one, but it's kinda late for that.
    A magnet school? I looked it up, and don't quite understand the concept...

    It made me not want to be absent ever again...

    I am semi-excited for it. Mainly because I won't have to pay as much for it.
    Again, that's interesting. What kind of school do you go to now?

    That is true. I have been absent once so far, and yesterday when I was making up the work, I was stressed out, sleep deprived and wanted to yell or something. It was bad...

    Vindictus looks cool, but I think I'll stick to Atlantica, and later on, Guild Wars 2 and SW: The Old Republic.
    That's interesting... I never had anything like that, but then again I never went to public school until high school.

    I can see some of the benefits of it, but I still think I would prefer regular schedule.

    Its pretty good. I have been playing it a lot... Perhaps too much...
    My lunch is like that, but there are so many people that it is split into three lunches:
    A lunch happens right before fourth hour.
    B lunch happens in the middle of fourth hour, 25 minutes of class, lunch, 25 minutes of class.
    C lunch happens right after fourth hour.

    Ive never had block scheduling, but I don't really like the idea of it...

    I recently started playing Atlantica Online, and I looked up nexon and saw that they had done DFO as well, and I was trying to remember where I heard it.
    Hi there! Yup, lotta trades, but I like runnin my thread :)

    Not much besides pokemon stuff going on at the moment. How've u been?
    I have B lunch, so my fourth hour is split into two halves, and on the second half, and in 5th hour, I just want to sleep forever.

    That sounds like a good idea.

    Were you the one that told me about DFO? Or am I mistaken?
    Understandable. Let's try today at some point :) I will check back at the site throughout the day, with my normal trade window beginning in about 4 hours.
    Hello again! I have your new order ready to give u anytime! I will be trading tomorrow during the usual time window :)

    I actually don't have problem with concentrating at the end of the day. My problem with concentration is right after lunch...

    Really? That's interesting.
    I'm actually not too sure about AP Lit. It seems like too much work...
    Thanks for stopping by my thread! I'm so close to havin all of em! Feel free to place more orders in the future :D
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