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  • Bro i must take a kit from a man from vesvi city. But the road is blocked. How i can go there ?
    I'm alright, I've been hitch-hiking and traveling a lot in the past two years... Finally settling down again and getting a job lol.
    Hey Adam, bet you never thought you'd hear from me again :D How's life man?
    I've been working, ya know, jinda been busy lately applying to college. I try to find time to work on hacking, but it's hard. How was your first year? Where did you go? :)
    The bookmark in NSE was of some "font" I found in the game. The ROM actually uses a font that is stored as 2bpp, which NSE does not natively support.

    So in other-words, unless one were to write a plugin for it, you can't edit the font in NSE...
    Usually I would take this opportunity to write such a plugin, but I am WAY TOOO busy at the moment...
    -School, scouts, driving classes, other extra-curriculars, and making my video game.

    If I do have time this weekend, I might look into it, but since I have absolutely no idea where the font is stored in the game, and if it even is 2bpp, I can't make any promises.
    If you know C# though, this could be a fun project for you, NSE 2.X provides a library for writing some pretty intense plugins :)
    HackMew doesn't hack any more. He's busy with his University course. I'll probably be in the same position in a year or two from now.

    Anyway, I don't know where the co-ordinates are stored because I've never looked. I don't even really know what sethealingplace actually does (I mean in terms of writing data to the RAM, I know what the command actually does overall).
    Well, I was just browsing around the Acanthite website, and it appears the game is still being worked on. Now, I did not see any screenshots or anything, but if you want to use them, you're going to ask Fangking.
    Sorry for not replying to your PM, we got a power cut not long after I read it, and we still don't have any electricity.
    I'm not sure because I don't hack Fire Red. However, there are a bunch of talented Fire Red hackers (Darthatron & Jambo51 come to mind) who might be able to answer your question better.
    They use 0 in the starter script because you're always nicknaming the first pokemon in the party (because there's only one). The "countpokemon" script will bring up the nicknaming screen for the last pokemon in the party (i.e., the one you just gave to the player). Pretty nifty, in my opinion.
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