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  • I appreciate the updates Meister, thank you :) I'll check this out when I have the energy to play rom hacks again. Am currently still getting through Gen 7 games for the first time as we speak huehue.
    Quite! Sneaking in a little bit here to reply to some messages I see that I have now lol. What's up Meister :D Haven't touched that randomizer hack in so long, I'm really sorry for no longer having the drive to play it like I used to :( I just recently bought a controller though, and it invigorated me enough to get back into Pokemon gaming so much that I've actually finally played through Pokemon Y heh. Not closing it off completely that I'll come back to your hack soon!
    Hello! Thanks for your suggestion. We consider we already have these type of romhacks covered. For rombases free to be used we have Tools, tutorials and resources. For romhacks with minor modifications made we have Sideshow Showcase. Currently there is no need to open a new forum for these kind of projects, but thanks for your suggestion
    oof too much to think about there, but i do get you. i don't see myself ever using any non-metronome moves however, as my playstyle is literally all attack lmao.

    and thanks a bunch for the instructions! will be keeping this in mind for future playthroughs hehe. tbh i've been out of it due to work ramping up recently. i'mma get to this when i regain the drive to play games eheh. i'm giving myself 5 resets before i give up completely tho, since i don't think i'll be able to handle restarting beyond that, especially if i've already gotten so far. or perhaps once i max out on resets, i'll just convert it to a regular playthrough. i'll see what i feel like lol.
    ooh okidokie hehe. that's incredible though, just how random this game can get. guess it's all good to nuzlocke it bcs there's literally no strategy involved (I think).

    btw, with regards to new patches, how do I update mine? do I just repatch it through NUPS? i realized i've never really done patch updates to any of my romhacks lol.
    hey now, pride and passion go hand in hand. at least i think so, i'm tryna come up with some inspirational stuff rn, but i'll get back to u on that :p fr tho, don't stop with this. you're gon get far :)

    i always support taking breaks. from experience, they do nothing but good for you. i'll catch you when i do! and no doubt in my mind i'mma enjoy this hehe
    ahh constant updating of patches. you're finally ready to be a true blue romhacker! hahaha

    but fr tho, really appreciate the constant updates you're giving out :) really lets me know of the level of passion you have right now towards game making. i won't let you down! i'mma get some shut eye for the night then make sure to dedicate time tomorrow for this game!
    neato! glad to hear you got to cooperate with other mods too :D lemme just say right here right now that Upsurge is pretty fly~

    can't wait to play the polished version now!
    oh shoot. thanks for the heads-up. i'm downloading and playing tomorrow :)
    can't wait! i'll prolly get started on the journey by wednesday or so. it's gonna be a busy couple of days to start the week here at the office is all.
    LMAO man if i weren't still uninterested in reviving my Youtube channel, definitely i'd wanna feature this there too! so sorry about the Bulbasaur, may they rest in pieces XD
    lmao it do be like that sometimes

    and heyoo glad to hear that this is good for your rom hacking progress overall :D i'm actually thinking about making a travel thread on Travel Logs for your game hehe. would give me an excuse to post more for my VPPs + your game hopefully gets featured better hehe.
    so happy i didn't go for that mode. would've gone crazy lmao. hope you turn out alright! :p

    and yup already commented on the post. i'mma download it right now and see if i can find time to play it hehe. been busy with other things in life and i still have a pretty hefty backlog in games i've been meaning to play. for sure i'll get to it tho! thanks for taking time out of your days to make this! really appreciate it :D
    whoa i didn't even know about the adjusted evo levels! but they did say that insanity mode really is for the masochistic folks lmao. literally every aspect of the game i think is stacked against you, and while that's appealing for others, my life is already like that in general, so i'll stick with the baby mode eheh.
    ah if it works for Unbound, then it's guaranteed 1.0 then hehe. 1636 Squirrels to be specific i believe. yeah i got that on lock so i should be able to patch it no biggie. thanks!
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