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    Bonjour! Tu viens de France, non? C'est très chouette! :D J'ai appris francais depuis 4 1/2 ans mais malheureusement, j'ai oublié beaucoup~
    Thanks :)

    Hotels can be expensive, but they're also a nice break from being home all the time. And that can get boring fast :P

    I'd actually have to pass on that - I never liked those games, way too much surfing (and that one really annoying route with the currents that you had to repeat 6 or 7 times just to battle everybody and get all the items. PLUS TOO MANY CREEPY SWIMMERS IN SPANDEX!)

    Thanks :) It looks to be fun, but I won't be on here much over the weekend :P

    Well, three good games for me, but there should be more...
    Well, here's what she looks like in my game:

    You'll notice she's wearing a familiar-looking skirt :) Apparently you can also customize hairstyles, but I've been having enough fun with just the clothes :P But I think I've finally settled on a good "final" look for her.

    Yeah, but I've always been odd like that lol. I actually stayed at one this past Saturday, and that one was very nice.

    I have this feeling that once I finish up Y I'll be back in the boredom stage, but at least I have something to entertain me for now. The newer games have gotten too complex for me to complete the Pokedex, competitive style battle, etc... Nowadays I just play through the main story line.

    Look for my new signature in a couple days - though it'll be a few days after that before I actually start the new game in Y and update with my team and such. Because of the anime convention this weekend. It looks to be a fun time :)

    Well, in my defense, technically I bought my 3DS to play Fire Emblem Awakening back in February, and I got a used one from eBay - so I have two games for the system lol. But yeah, surprisingly, there aren't a lot of good RPG's for the 3DS so far:/ Only other one I've liked was the Tales of the Abyss remake, which is technically my brother's but, oddly, I've played through it and he hasn't yet o_0

    I probably won't be on again for a few hours - I'm stepping out to dinner and to meet with our local group of anime fans (we get together evey two weeks to talk and sometimes cause trouble lol)
    Lol, it would for me too if i didnt knew what it was xD
    Yeah its kinda hard to do, the beginning was quite easy but now its difficult and so.
    I hope i pass this year and that me and my family go to France once again in the summer (we've been there now 3 times in the summer holidays :) )
    No its not Italian you silly :P
    Its programming stuff on computers
    I picked IT, or something in that direction, i dunno how to correctly translate it from Dutch to English :3
    Cool, Friday's when my anime convention starts :)

    I like her too, as far as I'm concerned she comes in second place in my ranking of the game heroines :P But the real beauty is that I've given her a very cute custom outfit in my game and now she's even more stylish than Leaf :P

    Well, the truth is, I've been a huge fan of Quality Inn since about 1993, before the first Pokemon games even came out, so that's like my original fandom. Plus, I was going through a phase where I was utterly bored with Pokemon and wanted to make a profile/theme that had nothing to do with it (with X/Y that "boredom" phase is over, for now :P )

    In a couple days, I'll probably make a new signature with the X/Y heroine, which I'll update with my progress as I play through Y (I'll have my current team listed in the signature, etc.)

    Aww, that's not good:/ You'll have to ask for one for a birthday or Christmas or something.
    Ah, im tired aswell since college is just... forcing me to wake up way too soon D:
    Im doing pretty fine, playing some games and listening to music ^_^
    What about you?
    Yo what's up? Haven't seen you for a long time lol

    Busy week for me here... finishing up a play of Pokemon X, getting ready to start Pokemon Y and make that my "main" game, getting ready for an anime convention this weekend, and then my birthday next Monday. So for once I actually have a lot going on this week :P

    Do you happen to have either X or Y yet?
    I just wanted to stop by and totally not stalk and say hi :D
    Like i said... totally not stalking xD
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