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  • I've got a request. Could you please add Fairy type Pokémon and moves to Pokémon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum versions just like you did with Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver versions? Thank you.
    Your Mind Crystal Hack is awesome but... How does Haunter evolves? I have one at level 70 and still nothing...
    So did you ever do a tutorial on removing the EV limit for HGSS? Further, did you ever publish anything on the pokemon ability editing or making TM's reusable?
    Wow!! Amazing work on your ASM hacks for MindCrystal.

    I think you and I have very similar taste in mods - I had tried to make many of the same changes using LUA hooks to edit the RAM (though hadn't achieved nearly as much as you have).

    Anyway, just letting you know there's a really quick way to create an English version (without having to redo all the ASM offsets).

    1. Extract the text file (a/0/2/7) from the US ROM and insert it into the MindCrystal ROM
    2. Make any corresponding custom changes (eg, new move/ability names and descriptions)
    3. Change a few minor remaining French entries to the English versions (should just be a few pokedex fields that are still in French)
    Hi meromero i am wondering where to find arceus in mind crystal and the pixie plate?thank you if you can answer in the time your free your romhack is awsome ^^
    While I can't use it since NO$GBA lacks Lua Support, I'll also add it as an alternative just in case there's people over Wah using Desmume c:
    And it's finally posted right here.
    It took me a while to understand and replicate the modifications myself properly, but I've finally done it.

    In some hours I'll post the tutorial about modifying Vitamins and such c:
    EDIT: And here it is.
    OH! Now it works!
    By the way, I've forgot to ask, can I also post your tutorial about removing the cap that the Vitamins have? Again, giving you all the credits, obviously.

    EDIT: I might as well take the chance and ask:
    In that tutorial we have to replace each Vitamin's limit ("FC"), does that mean the maximun limit would be "FF" (255 EVs) or there's a way to fit 3 and more Hex digits in there?

    EDIT2: Also, in the bonus feature 1 you mention the term "File", what exactly do you mean by that?
    7 is already a file, in the folder "a/0/1" the files I'm seeing are called 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 and have no extension.
    How weird.. I extracted the Arm9.bin of HG (USA) and when I searched "FE 01 00 00", HxD found no results :c ...
    Hey Meromero, can I post your small explanation about removing the EVs Cap on HG/SS in the spanish ROM Hacking Community "Whack a Hack!"?
    The credit would be solely yours, of course.

    EDIT: Nevermind, the process doesn't seem to work on English ROMs and I'm not a researcher but someone who likes to make sure knowledge is being shared. Thanks for explaining it anyways though.
    Asdf, nevermind with the PM, I've found a way to read new Pokemon overworlds without expanding the overworlds table.
    When I solve a problem I have with the Pokédex (it doesn't show Pokémon beyond 493), and once I inserted all the sprites, I will upload a video where I'll show the Dex with the 721 Pokémon.
    I can't believe it but, I did it! I've managed to make my first ASM code. And all thanks to you. I couldn't have done it without your help :D
    I managed to edit the cities and routes positions on the Pokégear worldmap:

    I mean, I had to rename every single file in the Pokemon roster narc.
    I renamed a211_000 to a211_0000 because if I left it unnamed. It'll put a211_1000 in the wrong spot, thus ruining the narc. I've done this the hard way before via hex editor because back then there was no tool like yours. I'll try to extract the narc again and just simply add files to add more Pokemon.
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