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  • Should be fixed! Ty for critique.
    (Fwiw, the flair bg fits on my screen)
    Greetings. Just wanted to say that you forgot to include my points in the leaderboard for Eevee Arcade
    Hello! Congratulations for making it to Secret Rank in WTP! That's an incredibly impressive achievement, and you deserve the Quartz Emblem so much!

    Thanks a lot for everything! ^-^
    I apologize for the wording, we'll make better amendments of it for the November issue! Thanks for the feedback. :)
    Heeeeyyyyyy M2, please check out the latest post from Psychic-type Club!

    Huge thing going on, few parts of it is related to you. :D

    If it doesn't make any difference from the DST file earlier, then we need to give up! :(
    So in other words that SAV file is useless, at least that's how I understood your words.
    It doesn't make any difference whether it's a DST or SAV file, right? (I'm talking about Ketsu's corrupted save) I'm asking as I have the save file!
    Eh then maybe I got your meaning wrong, I thought you were able to find his Pokémon through PokéGen! :o
    It says the same thing: Unable to determine the save file game. :(
    My PokéGen is actually 3.1.13 version, but I downloaded a new to an another folder. Hopefully it's make a difference! :) I totally appreciate the help! ;)
    I need some help with Ketsu's file. :(
    My PokéGen can't read the dst format, I can't save his Pokémon at this rate.

    To be real honest, it's sorta hard to keep me from going at this rate, since I lost a person who I was neck and neck with my progress.
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