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  • Doing Great Just wandering around through the Interest and little bit studying these days,How''s about you?
    Fine thanks! Although for the most part I'm trying to see if I'll be able to save enough money for Super Mystery Dungeon when it comes out *cough cough* So yep! How are you then?
    ... Who are you again? Im looking for someone with the username chiilove.

    Jk. What's your new username from?And it's fine. I don't care about late replies too much. Lately I've been replying pretty late as well.

    Um I obviously like Pokemon. But I've recently been getting into Kingdom Hearts and even more recently I've gotten into Fire Emblem. Oh! And also Zelda games are pretty top notch as well. Which FE games have you played?
    i had to think about who you are xD

    i like the name change btw

    Im doing good school is back and crazy and annoying but the homecoming dance was fun so thats a thing haha, how about you?

    Thanks haha shes kinda my theme right now :3
    I used to think that but I've recently gotten hooked on them >.<

    So switching subjects, what games do you play?
    my favorite princess is snow white.

    yeah for some reason they only include certain girls to be princesses and others not.
    Ive never really watched any Idol stuff or mahou stuff maybe I should as I do like cute things lol
    Lucky star, I hear quite a lot about that but have never watched it.

    My favourite animes hmmm hard question, as I tend to watch stuff I like the look of rather than liking a specific genre. My top three animes are Girls und Panzer, Fairy tail and Hetalia. I also really enjoyed the Danganronpa. Heres myanimelist list http://myanimelist.net/animelist/GardevoirTDS so yeah I like super random stuff lol
    I don't know when I'll get to it, but when I do I'll probably forget that you recommended it to me since I have a huge list of anime I want to watch (47 currently), so later on, after it's done airing just nudge me and be like "have you seen Sore Ga Seiyuu yet"? And I'll tell you what I think otherwise that'll be the next anime I see after you remind me. Lol I hope that made sense >.<

    Yeah I love watching reactions to anime. Do you ever watch live reactions to anime on Youtube?
    Yay, then more Trivia for me! :D

    I've only got one at the moment, but I have another that will start in October. Since that class has a late start, there will probably be a lot more work so it can end at the same time as the other classes. xD
    yes i think they're gonna have like gameboy and n64 consoles in the movie.

    mulan doesnt get much like fan stuff like all the other princesses get cute toys, etc. and mulan is like in the corner. they have so many movies for her!
    yes they're both very nice!

    my favorite disney movie is wreck it ralph. i just have that picture because its the cutest with both of my loves! disney and pokemon! hbu
    I... don't know, maybe research or a teacher, or maybe a combination of the two. Luckily I don't have to decide yet, there's still plenty of time.
    Ooh, sounds good! :D

    I hope this website counts as fun, because other than that, I've got a boring online class. xD
    Well tbh I am not massively into Western animation (Just mlp and adventure time and Disney stuff), not heard of the shows you mentioned lol its kinda hard to follow here because we only get shows a lot after the US.
    So what animes do you like?
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