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  • Yeah but I added some new changes and sub quests. I'm currently fixing the bugs though
    It's Pokemon Blast Burn....I'm currently fixing the bugs of the rom I'm having a hard time though
    Hey man I've been doing fine :D Sorry I'm not active this past few days I'm currently busy working on my rom hack.
    Yeah I Agree :). Well I'm kinda having a hard time continuing my rom hack right now, I'm busy with my Midterm Exams. How about you?
    Its fun :D I really like the story by the way I also apologize for the late reply I'm also busy at school right now :(
    Nice, I didn't yet tried to play Persona but I'm currently watching it's Anime series it has a great story.
    My Favorite Pokemon is Charmander and my favorite Pokemon Game is White. Who is your favorite Pokemon Trainer based on games?
    Hi Who ever has come to visit my page I just want to say thank you for coming to visit my page and hope you have great day, evening or night.

    Some things about my self I like to watch anime I am bet of a lazy bone though when it comes keeping up with a show, I love my jrpg funny thing is I sometime don't finish them been like that since 2015 since I got my first but I am trying to get out of both the anime and jrpg ditch of not finishing the things I play and watch,

    The anime I just were pretty good to decent this pass,,, I only finish two which were Megalo box and Grand Senki.

    My favorite jrpg franchise is Persona also like Pokemon and fire emblem Tales of heroes a good franchise too. favorite anime/manga/Movie/etc are
    favorite anime probably Harems, action/romance supernatural, or magic anime. Seven deadly sins and fairy tail are my favorite manga, I read Demon Slayer need to get back on that too. Movies Beauty and the Beast, A Goofy Movie, the incredible 2 is great as well, I like the first one but eh the 2nd way better. Toy Story 1-3 are my 2nd all time favorite movies. Yeah this is me so if you feel like chatting about games, anime or movies hit me up.Also fan of Mobie games like Fate Grand Order and Brave frontier, Fire Emblem Heroes, and others,

    Age 25
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