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  • Haha that kinda sounds fun!
    Still i cant wait till summer itll finally get above 60 degrees here :3
    Oh were do you work?
    Im usually not too busy in summer but i may be busier this year than others but anythings an improvement for activity!
    Awesome! While I was designing it, I was thinking about what you'd like it so I'm glad it turned out well. :P
    Haha good to hear!
    And i havent played neopets in a while but they are addictive arent they haha

    Ive been good pretty busy lately but i think once summer comes ill be alot more active!
    Haha the Poogle Races huh? #not judging :P

    Lol I bet a lot of people are like you. "Gambling" is addictive no matter where you're doing it at.

    Also off topic how is my new profile layout? I hope it's easier now for you to see and type stuff.
    Yeah I agree. My school is going crazy with like cyber bullying or making sure what you post on Facebook or Twitter is like "positive". This is a video they showed us (it's actually pretty funny):

    Whoa hold the phone! The Habitarium is gone?!?! Why??? That was the best thing ever! UGH everything good has to be taken away!
    Ugh no I'd really like to get Skype one day, but my parents are like those over protective ones, so if they found out I was actually social to people they don't know from the internet they'd probably kill me. ;-;
    NEOPETS!!! I loved that game when I was littler! I always loved playing in the Habitarium!
    Yay! You're back once again! Haha I'm good thanks for asking! Just this weekend I did my first "job" if you want to call it that where I went door to door around my neighborhood and put slips of paper in the door handles. I got $30 for it, so it was a good deal. :P How bout you?
    Hii, how are you <33

    I just finished moving hence which was why I wasn't able to talk with you much, sorry ;v;
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