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Mimicking Mimikyu
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  • Oh yay! I'm so delighted to hear! What all did you do, if you don't mind me asking?
    Also, Happy Thanksgiving!!! I hope today and the next few days go swell for you (: I really do.

    Haha yes, me too! Most of my favorite songs are from there as well. I also got into Sleep Awake. Speaking of Body, I also like their live versions of Body. A lot of the songs from their Live in Montreal album is nice too <3

    Hayloft is a nice guilty pleasure of mine, as is its sequel of sorts.

    Well, what songs of theirs' are your favorites? I would say I have more than a dozen favorite from them, but to narrow it down I really enjoy Problems, Little Pistol, and Burning Pile. That's not to say I have more favorites, because I do, since aaaaaa.
    So I got the courage to listen to them and… did NOT expect myself to be blown away by their more popular songs. Started off with Leaf & Stream, which was so nice and soothing, whereas I followed it up with The King Will Come, which had a nice kick and energy to it <3 let's see where the "Fans Also Like" section of Spotify leads me down ~

    Ooo I remember Kawaii Metal. I stumbled upon them years ago and it left an impression on me due to how unique and unusual it had been for me at that time. Although I was naive to think they were the only ones. I need to check the others out as well (:

    Well for me, there's too many bands and artists to list, but at least I can list two for now:

    Mother Mother: I admit it's a little odd and I haven't come across many that listen to them, but then again I'm not too social haha. I have some fascination with their vocals and kinda catchy songs. They're the songs I sing when I drink coffee and the energy hits me so that I can screech like a pterodactyl.

    Woodkid: Aaaa, for me, he has the voice of an Angel. That and I fall in love with his lyrics. Arcane sorta allowed him to get some exposure thanks to his "Guns for Hire" song, but from him my favorite would be his newer album S16.
    Yooooo, I do admit I like Immortals by Fallout Boy. Stumbled on that song thanks to Big Hero 6. I also like Centuries by them. But don't worry, my husband's music taste in High School was interesting too haha. It included Slipknot, Radiohead, Gorillaz, etc (although I admit I still love some songs by the last two. Probably since since I wasn't introduced to them until in college.) Muse was another huge band of his that I ended up really liking and still do (:

    Well, how about now? What are your favorites now? I don't mind sharing my own favorites since so do love discovering new music (: My music tastes are everywhere, I swear.
    Can't be as bad as the ones from my high school days. During that time I only listened what came out on the radio. "Popular Hits" or "What's Hot" at that moment. What came out on the bus during my trip home haha… aaaaaah let's see… songs mainly by people like:

    Taylor Swift
    Black Eyed Peas
    Katy Perry
    Lady Gaga
    Kelly Clarkson
    Justin Timberlake
    Kanye West
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