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  • I am, thank you! And I read that post, it was very nice of you :3 No worries if no cute Pokemon pictures - they're not required, whee.
    In that case I'll carry on calling you silly, silly. xD

    By the way Jess, you're really good at making those signatures. Do you think you could mid me one some time? When you're not busy I mean.
    Well since I already looked at you before i tried to leave, I decided to upload a pic of myself. Now I'll be going. It's my first night back to work, and I'm already hating it >.<

    Sweet dreams. :)
    Considering you've had time to chat with me already proves how awesome you are. In my opinion, at least. I may post some pics myself, but not today as I feel too tired x.x See ya. Hope to talk to you soon.
    Nonsense! I got some older friends so it'd be cool. I even had an online gf who was eight years older than me. {XD} Though I never told my mom about it, but that's only because she cares for me and I didn't want her spazzing out.

    I recently rediscovered my faith because I was baptized Catholic, but my parents (well, just my father) didn't do such a good job in raising me that way and my mother didn't mind if I believed in other things. I started out as a Protestant when I rediscovered God but then turned to the Catholic faith because it felt more fulfilling (yet stricter). But I don't mind it. I do research when I want and share with my friends on Facebook, though it's rare that they comment on anything at all. So I would encourage you to learn more about it, but I'm here if you got questions about it.

    I should be getting off soon since I only have four hours before I get ready for work. I work at nights and haven't had much sleep >.< But on the plus side I met a wonderful person so it's fine.
    Well if you got relatives in Oklahoma City you could come visit sometime. I wouldn't mind at all. And nah, it's not inappropriate. Looking at your age I would just figure you're at that point in your life where you wouldn't care how you are around people. Though I should warn you I don't even have a license yet >.<

    I would say people feel uninterested or just intimidated about me because I'm Catholic. Yet I find time to do the things I love. I'm just glad people can accept me here for the time being, because I really love Pokemon and other RPGs (Final Fantasy IX being one of my all-time favorites). And yeah, don't worry much about the Friend Code. Just let me know when we can exchange them.
    Use your Pal Pad from your Bag, and it should have an option to look at your Friend Code
    If you want you can tell me about it. I may not help much but at least I can listen attentively >.< And if you want, we can share Friend Codes so we can trade and all, that is if you can play online at all on your Pokemon White game. :)
    Not much. I have acquired some new Pokemon thanks to some people in the forums, so I feel good. And yeah, Cyndaquil's pretty cool. Not sure what can beat it in terms of looks and power, but it's an awesome Pokemon overall :)
    It's quite alright. You don't really have to tell me when you're getting off. The thought is appreciated, but I understand there are times we just have to get off.
    I guess I can try tomorrow if the PC was not occupied.
    Today I was writing a new episode for my fan fictions (and of course I have to continue tomorrow),
    as well as preparing to publish the latest episode to my LJ.

    I don't see a problem chatting you, I know and I'm aware you said that there were people that uh... Left you...
    I'm not that kinda person, sometimes I may get too occupied and not reply others immediately...
    Or there are times that the conversation ended when there's no need to continue,
    But generally I will reply messages, as long as they are not offensive messages.
    I couldn't access it actually because I already clicked on the link he gave you,
    but the site proved too much for my phone! > <
    I'm not a great battler myself, but I still try to enjoy the fun!
    I think you're the kind of people that prefers Contests and similar stuff, huh? :D
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