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Minato Riku
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  • Not that, just that we don't do anything out of the ordinary to celebrate New Years, so it just passes.
    We celebrate Christmas, just not especially serious with family and food and such, and New Years just kinda...passed.
    Pretty good. I attended my brother's wedding the day after Christmas, so that, and I've got my New Year's resolutions for 2016; hopefully I can keep those. You?
    I mean, I didn't beat the game so :P don't know what happens during...a lot of it
    Yo! How are you? Well, I hope :)

    I am having some problems in ff 13-3... I figured you would know what to do, since lightning is your avatar (is it wrong of me to reach that assumption?) I am trying to defeat Noel Kreiss, but no matter what I do, he always uses his finishing move on me, then I get wrecked -_- is there a particular spell I have to use on him? I noticed he is weak to electric spells, but I could be wrong. Any ideas?
    You're so lucky though, you had a good ending and was able to get Serah back. I have to live with this regret forever now :( butility yes, at least I get a second chance with the Pokemon world. I'm glad ff7 is getting a remake, but I don't think my body will take it if Sephiroth comes back again after this. If he does come back though, I'm going to paralyze him, put him in a masterball and store him in my PC. We will see if he comes back from that {XD}
    Well... it's something like this. Being Lightning, I'm sure you understand what it's like to lose a friend. I wasn't able to save Aerith,or my pal Zack, despite having 99 Phoenix Downs in my bag ;-; I was also really depressed that Sephiroth became evil... I couldn't do anything to save anyone. So, being the complex character I am, I left home in search of some power I could use so I wouldn't be so I could better protect my friends. But I had already, by that stage, having gone through 2 games and a movie, acquired all the valuable equipment in the ff7 world, so I needed to look deeper. Eventually I found a way to use the lifestream to teleport to different world's. I found the Pokemon world as a result. So now I'm go under the alias of Toarax. You can call me Cloud if u want {XD}. I've been a trainer for a while now, it's only just recently I decided to join this community. In order to get stronger as a trainer, I'm going to need to stop trying to take burdens on by myself. That's how I got here :)
    What!? Surely this cannot be... Lightning? Is that you? Since when did you become a Pokemon Trainer!?
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