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  • I'm not accepting. This will be a very long script/tutorial that take several hours, maybe more than 10 hours! Besides I have no interest in such script. If you like I can give you some tips, but nothing that takes me too much time.

    help-14 was made a HgSs Pokédex script that have the icon grade, by the way.
    1. I guess that you only need to change the coordinates of the content, right? If you have problems I can point you the right places.

    2. This fills better on Pokédex, isn't? Anyway, making changes on summary need that you change all summary pages for replacing the page icons, isn't a easy task. Pokédex have the same problem, but there are less pages. I suggest you looking into Family Tree about how adding summary pages and Advanced Pokédex about how adding pokédex pages.
    Hi :)
    Nice Yu Gi Oh game
    Section sotryline* have to be Storyline xD
    Hope that helps ;)
    By this summer all the basic scripts should be finished and will be made public for everyone to use. A beta of the main game will take longer, thought.
    (In english):
    As soon as we finish to polish all systems, they will all be make public. Anyone will be able to use them :D!

    (In spanish):
    Tan pronto como acabemos de pulir todos los sistemas, serán hechos públicos. Entonces todo el mundo podrá usarlos :D!
    I would send you the script if it worked, but I'm still working out the kinks. It's an edit that has to be made in multiple scripts and it might be affecting the way my Trainers work, so there's still some hammering out to do.
    I already told you here. If you don't know how to use a simple "if" check, you have the wrong hobby.
    No speako Espanola.

    There's already a weather system in Essentials. You don't need another one.
    I'm not doing that. I was under the impression that there was only one version of the Mega Evolution animation anyway.
    Ok, thanks
    Because when the active mode Perspective passable tilesets that would over just passing behind the character?
    Ex top of a tree on a route would be up, after activating it passes perspective on top
    Honestly, it will involve a lot of changes to the scripts, and I'm really not interested in trying to show someone what to do. I'm sure it is possible, though.
    You mean, so you could have a Bug/Poison/Flying type Pokémon?

    With a great deal of difficulty. I suggest you don't bother.
    The script that runs the battle itself (it's in the Conditional Branch) returns true if the player won, and false otherwise. You can expand that Conditional Branch to give it an "else" part, and do something there as well.
    If the switch is just to prevent the player returning to the Poké Centre if they lose, then you don't need a switch for that. Just use the appropriate trainer comment. I assume you know where the wiki is.
    You really should work on your English. I can't really tell what you're asking.

    It is possible to continue after losing a battle. Use the "Continue" trainer comment, as you mentioned. Why are you even asking when you apparently already know what to do?
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