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  • The DS tiles should work fine, as they are all 24 by 24. This does mean that all the sprites need to be double their normal size too though, to keep the ratio.
    It's a water auto tile, I have no clue if it will work. Let me know what happens when you use it and I'll make more.

    EDIT: I just remembered this guy, JoshR691, he made a bunch of side view pokemon.
    Here's a Minun. We could use those for side view sprites, giving credit of course.
    The problem is the tiles are too big, or your sprites are too small.
    Did find this plugin.
    And lines 5423 and 5427 in rpg_objects may have something to do with tilesize, though me changing it does nothing to your old project.

    EDIT: Also, Essentials Tiles were made to go with Firered Leafgreen sprites, so mystery dungeon stuff looks pretty bad.
    The DS Mystery Dungeons have almost all tiles ripped, so you could use those instead.
    Well, I don't have many since I don't know much.
    There are 4 pokemon that could help Mewtwo with his plan of a world in his image: Arceus, Giratina, Cresselia, and Darkrai. The former two can create a physical world, while the latter two can create dream worlds. Them being legendaries makes a stare-down very stupid for the instigator (Mewtwo).
    Deoxys came from space, and probably did some stuff that required the pokepals to attempt to take it down (and fail.) What was that?
    Deoxys is a mutated space virus. Could electricity force mutations? Does Mewtwo need Deoxys and the Main Character to create Data forms?

    Just some ideas off the top of my head.
    Okay, I understand now.
    So Mewtwo want's to create the world in his image, and convinced Scizor of working under him by promising power when the world is his.
    How does Deoxys factor into all of this? He trapped the Pokepals in a dream world (By the way, I feel Darkrai would be better for this), but what else does he do?
    Mewtwo doesn't sound very dumb. Is he pretending to get pokemon to underestimate him?
    (BTW got to sleep.)
    Sorry, I don't really play FF.
    They sound like interesting characters. But what does a dumb Mewtwo and a jokester Scizor need with some random pokemon. (Unless it wasn't random.)
    So like a regular turn-based system. It works well for it's purpose.
    So the Main Character's friends are missing or kidnapped, and they help other pokemon with their problems. Is there a malicious party at hand causing this?
    Like a FF battle with Pokemon instead?
    I think Super Eevee had a battle system like that. (The one with the glitched Eevee.)
    It worked pretty well.
    But, you should base your mechanics around your story, since every part of a game should show it.
    For example, a game about creating deep connections with your partners, would perhaps allow you to name them, and all obtainable partners have different pluses and minuses, so you can't replace them. (Heck, you could even add perma-death.)

    EDIT: Actually, All the scripts are separate JS files, so I could help script after all.
    For what it's worth, I'd be willing to help with your project, though since I don't have MV, I can only sprite.
    In that case, just leave. Don't come back.
    Being constantly harassed like that isn't good for anyone.
    It doesn't matter how convenient the community is, it isn't worth it if you're being attacked.
    Well, that sounds like a site that I would just disappear from to never return.
    Or only return after a long period of time.

    But that's assuming that you haven't already tried to bring up the issue to a super mod or admin of the site.
    What do you mean "people are pretending that you dont exist"?
    Do you mean that people are deliberately ignoring you?
    Or that your threads don't get much attention?

    Is this your first project of this size? I wouldn't just give up on it if I were you. I might put it on the back burner and work on other, smaller projects, because that teaches skills that you can use on your bigger projects.

    And don't worry about ranting at me, I'm always happy to help.
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