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  • Thanks, I appreciate it, misunderstandings happen. :>

    I like to help when possible; it had sounded like you had a lot on your mind on your mind, like that your posts/VMs were about more than just what was going on right there and then. I hope I didn't seem intrusive, and I tried to give you a few outs in this VM convo in case you didn't want to talk to me (like when I said things such as "I wish you all the best" or " if you don't want to talk to me that's fine"). I appreciate the apology.

    Cool, do feel free to keep me in mind in case something comes up or you need help outside of your usual support network. There's nothing else I really wanna know, but thank you for willing to be open with me. Have a good one!
    I never said nobody can understand you - now you're the one making assumptions. You're the one who said people often misunderstand you.

    I was trying to offer some advice, but it sounds like you would rather just keep doing what you're doing and complain when people don't understand you. That's your decision to make, but I guess you changed your mind about wanting to talk to me.

    So what's really going on?
    The tough thing about communicating solely via text is that it's not always easy to discern tone or intention - it happens to everyone, and it doesn't have to be a big deal. What matters is learning from those experiences and adjusting one's style accordingly. You won't really know how much to elaborate without trying, though, right?

    Anyway, if you don't want to talk to me that's fine. If you ever change your mind, you know how to contact me.
    Elaborating on what you mean would probably help with that, as your posts seem intentionally ambiguous. If being misunderstood is a common occurrence, then you may want to reconsider your communication style.

    I'll be honest; personally, when someone speaks to me like you're speaking to me now, I get the impression that they don't want to talk to me. If this is a misunderstanding, then great, but that...kinda proves the point that you should probably try a different style.
    Fair enough. It sounded like you had a lot on your mind, so I just wanted to see if you were okay. If you don't want to chat that's totally fine, and I appreciate the offer to talk. I wish you all the best.
    Just letting you know that I can be reached via VM! I'm becoming increasingly confused by your replies to the thread, as it sounds like you'd rather just chat than engage in the topic being discussed. That's totally cool, but I think there's a time and place for everything, and this would be a better medium and wouldn't clog up the thread. :)
    aw that's sweet. I dabbled a little bit in rom hacking, i loooove scripting. i picked it up as a hobby, haven't been doing too much of it lately but I'm going to be starting overnight shifts in about a week and I need a hobby to pass the time on my days off, since my social life will be totally in the gutter lol. rn I'm playing Killing Floor 2 with my buds and I gotta go to bed right after, 'cause I've got an early day at driver's ed tomorrow. 8)
    Yeah, me neither. I live too far away.

    I wanted to go for Spring Break but ours is in late February so it would be so cold. I was mad I wish ours was in March or April. :/
    Oh, I've caught Catfish before. I absolutely, love catfish! That or Tilapia are my two favorite fish. Dang, shark? That's impressive was it really big? :o
    Ah yeah, February is normally too cold to go fishing around here and it's hard to catch fish this time of year. I'll normally start going out in late March or in April. Ah I'm so jealous! Idk if I would get seasick, I've never actually been on a boat. Did you catch anything? :p
    Ah, did you fish in a creek? I haven't fished since summer but I enjoy doing so as well. It's so relaxing, and fun to do as well. I've always wanted to go deep sea fishing and hope to one day.
    Ah yeah, I feel ya. Sometimes we can get stuck in a rut but it's good to change things up every once in a while. I feel like as we get older we have more choices which is great. :)
    I should've done some homework, but I was out playing poker with some friends. I'll probably work on my homework tomorrow. :p
    I wish Castform really learned Metronome. I'd use it in game :>
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