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  • GGs. I haven't played Smash these days as much as I ought to. (Splatoon kind of took over my life for the greater half of last year. Do you play that game, too?) I'm wanting to get back into Smash again with the final character DLCs.
    I am ready. You can make the room. Just let me know when it's open.
    Okay so I have 3 consecutive days off of work, so plenty of opportunities to play Smash now.
    I'm not even at home with my Wii U (and I won't be until at east 10pm CST)
    Sorry I keep brushing you off. I would have played yesterday, but I got wrapped up in watching that tournament that ended up lasting a little over 2 and a half hours.
    Oh hi there just pass by and drop a hi

    So you quite a nerd ? Quite great to met some guys of this type hahah.

    Well I'm no longer playing computer games due to my work which is needed to be on for everyday for ten hours XD .

    But when I come back I just surf PC because it is quite a lovely home for me to chit chat with members and join some great events.
    I added you back. I may be unavailable for an hour or so, or however long this NicoNico Smash Tournament I'm watching lasts.
    Can we postpone our match for later? It's like 11:30pm where I live and I just wanna relax before I sleep. x'D
    My NNID is BellaLunaWolf
    That was for the quoted member, my friend's, personal announcement. No worries, you missed nothing! (:

    Due to my profile settings you can't directly reply my VM. Sorry and thanks for understanding!
    My day was pretty ok, not a lot happened. Sorry to hear that your day didn't go well though :(
    Eh, not tonight. I already played some Smash for a while today with someone else, and I ain't really feeling it anymore for the time being. Perhaps another day?
    I've always considered my main to be Pikachu ever since Melee, but I like to fiddle around with most of the rest of the roster. (Samus, Robin, and Duck Hunt could be considered my secondaries, I suppose.)
    You'll have to become a supporter to get larger profile pictures, afaik.
    I saw them the other day! I was going to leave you a VM telling you how much I liked them but I must have forgotten. They are really nice though. :)
    I mean, my job isn't that bad. It's just that most of the time, I deal with dumb people who are either misinformed or uninformed and make assumptions that turn out to be false and they get upset about it. That's about the most stressful part of my job, and also booking certain things for people because there's complicated procedures and protocols behind that specific thing and it drives me absolutely nuts.
    nah, im ok. it wasn't as bad as my earlier shift in which I felt like i want to run my head against a wall. 8 AM to 10 PM is exhausting stuff...even if I did have a 4-hour break midday. D:

    And yeah, the pay is really good, actually! A lot more than what most people would make my age. :x
    I stayed 30 minutes past my time helping a client of mine....this is the second time in a row that I stayed past what I was supposed to, and it feels weird and lonely being the only one in the entire office that late. sigh.
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