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  • hello!!

    my life is literally work and go home and sleep so pretty uneventful for the most part. ;_; though other than that, I'm doing fine!! and yeah, I can definitely understand that feeling sometimes, but I rarely see my extended family (maybe once in a blue moon). Oddly enough, this year is different because I had to see relatives in which I haven't really seen or spoken to in years. x.x;
    original post. idk why i accidentally typed original before OP in that last vm. I am too tired lol
    Going off topic is fine to an extent but if you feel like it's diverting too far from the OP feel free to take the new conversation and make it into it's own thread. :)
    type effectiveness is easy. it's stat spreads that mess me up commonly as well as what moveset(s) are the best for which pokemon and what pokemon are even viable in specific tiers, which ones are over/underrated, and for the more creative people, even creating your own movesets and seeing how that goes.

    it seems like a lot of what competitive pokemon composes of is just trial and error it seems; and a crapton of patience too.
    hi there, welcome to pc!! you definitely joined quite the warm community. :> and i appreciate the VM, haha. you can say i was a bit surprised; not many peeps really vm me often. D:

    and yeah, you either have to donate, or win supportership, or pass a certain postcount threshold or something...there are various ways to have a blog, but each have their own hoops to jump through if you want to get here. though i do wish you luck! ^o^ it shouldnt be hard.
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