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  • Ohh right :p For a minute, I thought you might be a researcher living in Antarctica or something lol
    A town with only two houses and a lab :P

    okay, im curious.
    Ah, Excadrill is a good choice! Yeah, sometimes it takes time to adjust to controls and what's not in the previous games in the series ohohoho!
    Ah! The Ground Type! I don't use them nearly as much as the Bug type though! Good choices! Which are your favorite Pokémon from each type? I'd have to pick Heracross and Rhydon, they're not my all time favorites, but I really enjoy using them!

    I'll be picking up Pokémon Moon Version when it drops and picking Litten as my starter. It's unfortunate that the other starters don't interest me, but once we get the games, we can trade Pokémon!
    Hey! I saw that you liked a bunch of my posts! I'm glad I entertain... or is it... nawww. You couldn't possibly want my love, cause it's just too hot.

    Anyways, how have you been? We haven't spoken much so let's get to know eachother! What's your favorite Pokémon type to use? I enjoy using the Electric type and the Steel type! I was a tad upset when Steel lost a bunch of its resistances in Generation VI, but I think I got over it for the most part. It took a long time to get used to the lack of resistance to Dark Type Moves! That was difficult. My favorite Pokémon is Magneton and I enjoy using Tri-Attack for the fun of it!
    i appreciate the concern but the information on my profile is 201% correct. i'm just very advanced for my kind
    ..That's a shame.
    It would have been nice to play with you on there.
    I really like it too.
    Uhm, yeah.. Do you want to be friends with me.?
    Hello fellow trainers! I haven't been on here for a few days because I've been super into podcasts lately. I also expect to be absent from here from June 9-12 because I will be on vacation and won't have a lot of time to check this site.
    Hey! How are you doing? I love your presence around PC. :]
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