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  • And they don't really have the negative associations with German military paraphernalia that much of the west does.

    I would agree, though if Tsukuyomi were somehow in a poll I'd probably vote her in instead because she'd be an unexpected winner
    whoops late reply but that totally sounds like the work of a couple extremely passionate fans

    I'd totally do the same for a couple characters in the Negima! series, though
    Busy at work, which is its own special kind of hell. And the summer here is quite a killer, too. So most other stuff has been coming up slow.

    In good news, I still have an internet connection - and a cat!
    A long time no see. And yes, the Spanish tends to be a clue though maybe I should make it more patent.

    And how have you been anyway?
    Funny thing is, in the most recent official poll in Japan (which definitely had some international voters and did allow multiple votes), Nico was the most popular for her group.
    All that said, NicoMaki 100% is something that give me life:

    Like 90% of Nico fans I've met in the fanbase, I am an ardent NicoMaki supporter. There's a hell of a lot of resistance from Maki fans regarding NicoMaki as a ship tho because a lot of them find Nico annoying (in an /r/LoveLive community poll, Nico had the most 9th place votes among her group by a substantial amount but also had more votes for favorite spots 1 through 4 than the second least popular character, Hanayo) or vastly prefer to ship Maki with themselves.
    also yes every girl is top quality from the series

    i might regard them all as my daughters
    Ah. Was asking becauseI'm in pretty. Damn. Deep. And I'm always looking for people to talk about the series on.
    also welcome back saw your name on the index and was like "NO WAY IS THAT REALLY YOU?"
    Most companies and people will not bother with such emails. -_- Real estate agents for example. Only got one reply from one ever, and that was a successful one, so nobody else bothered to say 'thanks but no thanks'. >:[

    The new star wars was pretty entertaining! Maybe a bit too similar to a previous one but still good fun. And aw, if people read it before they'll read it again! Anf if they wouldn't, you just gotta make them. :V
    I just want to headdesk constantly when half the jobs I've been looking for asks graduates with 3-5 years industry experience -.- If only the job market was better here... though I hope you have better luck than I am - design jobs as the moment are hard to grab a hold on to :/
    You gonna come down for actual graduation? Or gonna just wing it like a few people are?
    Most important thing is that you got there in the end! Ended up having enough points for a double major so decided might as well finish it - that and job hunting/ the real world is scary haha.
    Congrats on completing uni! That's always an achievement. =) What did you study?

    Pity about the lack of job though. Hopefully your luck will pick up in that department. And it's hard to leave some Pokemon sites for good, haha. What have you been writing?
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