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  • Hey Hi Misledangel! Long time no hear. Are you still working on your hack? Asking out of curiosity....
    Hi. May I know which mon in FireRed ReImagined did you redesign? I don't want to use the ones with canon sprites.
    I was waiting for some kind of reply on my suggestions. Maybe my rantings were unsolicited. My apologies for any inconvenience I have caused.
    Hi again!
    I requested a new region for the sole purpose of playing with my special pokemons and my creatively assembled team for a bit longer, thats all. If you do not feel like doing it then don't do it. May be, after you have wrapped up with the current altered typings and all the other stuff that are in your mind, think about it one more time. An extended region will increase the playthrough time and excitement if you have strong reason to explore the new region. 😇

    Now then, I have done some research on this altered typings and I would like to discuss it in detail. Please bear with me. Firstly, lets talk about the ways you can alter a pokemon.
    1. You can alter a pokemon wholesale. For example, you change Fire/Flying Charizard into Fire/Dragon. In this way the original poke is gone. I will not recommend this way as some people are religious to original typings.
    2. You alter the final evo of a line. For example, Charmander to Charmaleon and then Charizard to altered Charizard. In this way if you have two Charmanders then you can have your canon Charizard and the altered Charizard as well. I will recommend this way, its time saving and convenient.
    3. You change the whole line from scratch. Its very tedious and I think its beyond the scope of this hack.

    I have also come up with a name for the altered pokes of this hack. Its Morphed pokes or simply Charizard-m. I hope you like it. 😊
    Now, there are certain ways with which you can mess with a pokemon. It totally depends on how much you can expand your skills and abilities.
    a. type altering
    b. BST altering
    c. movepool altering
    d. abilities altering
    Lets talk about the ways to obtain the Morphed pokemons. The ways I can come up with are Stone Evolution (evolving a normal Charizard into Charizard-m by a particular stone or Morph Stone), Trade offs, Gifts, hidden grottos or a certain NPC which converts normal pokes into morphed pokes. It would be great if you get these special pokes by certain ritual or with certain event (You can expand on it).

    I have certain wonderful typings on my mind if you would kindly consider them. The final call is yours obviously.

    01. Charizard-m = Fire/Dragon, ability = ?.
    02. Venusaur-m = Grass/Fire, ability = Drought.
    03. Tyranitar-m = Steel/Dragon, ability = Steelworker.
    04. Dragonite-m = Water/Dragon, ability = ?.
    05. Salamance-m = Flying/Poison, ability = ?.
    06. Milotic-m = Water/Fairy, ability = ?.
    07. Serperior-m = Ice/Dragon, ability = ?.
    08. Eelektross-m = Electric/Poison, ability = Levitate.
    09. Snorlax-m = Grass/Ice, ability = Thick Fat.
    10. Slaking-m = Ice/Ground, ability = anything other than truant. For reference on BST: https://p-epsilon.com/posts/2019-07-29/.
    11. Bronzong-m = Steel/Ghost, ability = Levitate.
    12. Empoleon-m = Water/Ice, ability = ?.
    13. Feraligator-m = Water/Poison, ability = ?.
    14. Typhlosion-m = Fire/Fairy, ability = ?.
    15. Blaziken-m = Flying/Fighting, ability = ?.
    16. Lucario-m = Fighting/Ghost, ability = ?.
    17. Haxorus-m = Poison/Dark, ability = ?.
    18. Metagross-m = Bug/Ground, ability = Dry Skin.
    19. Goodra-m = Dragon/Fairy, ability = ?, slightly increase its defense and lower spe defense.
    20. Braviary-m = Dark/Flying, ability = ?. Please make it evolve at 45.
    21. Weezing-m = Poison/Fairy, ability = Levitate, same as the new Galar weezing.
    22. Sceptile-m = Fighting/Fairy, ability = Defiant, subtract 10 points from speed and add it to base defense.
    23. Pangoro-m = Dark/Fairy, ability = ?.
    24. Volcarona-m = Bug/Dragon, ability = ?. Evo at 45.
    25. Samurott-m = Water/Grass, ability = Water absorb.
    26. Beartic-m = Ice/Poison, ability = Levitate, base attack of Beartic is now 130 as of 7th gen.
    27. Gardevoir-m = Fairy/Ghost, ability = ?.
    28. Garchomp-m = Rock/Fairy, ability = ?.
    29. Hydreigon-m = Grass/Electric, ability = ?.
    30. Arcanine-m = Fire/Water, ability = Storm Drain.

    This is all I came up with. These typings will certainly maximize the variety aspect of your rom hack.
    You can also consider some modern features if possible atm, like
    EV training spots
    IV display
    Hidden ability pokemons etc.

    Good luck and all the best. 😄
    Hi Again!
    I would like to give one more suggestion if you do not mind. Please do not alter the typing of every single Pokémon. Let there be normal Pokémon as they were. The sole purpose of altered typing is to get some special Pokémon but if every poke is altered then there is no special Pokémon. I would suggest that you do it on Pseudo legendaries, Starters and some Handpicked pokes like Rhyperior, Haxorus, Arcanine etc. I would also like to see one more region added like jhoto or hoenn. These are my humble opinions. Rest is up to you. No offenses please.
    I am dying to get my hands dirty on that. You could use shiny sprites for the altered pokemons and remove the general shiny system. Its a great news, I am so happy. There are some great typings to tell you for example- Ice/Ground, Water/Electric, Ground/Fairy, Poison/Dark, Ghost/Dark, Electric/Poison (use this one on Eelektross please, along with levitate he will definitely become a mosnter), Water/Dragon, Steel/Dragon, Fairy/Fighting, Bug/Ground etc.
    Thank you bro!
    Can you link it to me please? Also consider making a thread in the ROM hacking section if you have simple questions :)
    don't have the offsets anymore but they're just lists of half-words iirc, figure out what the lists are in vanilla and you can search for 'em
    Well, you should adapt the script of elite4 to your new routine.
    Let it in the same way the other scripts that are working.
    It's just scripting, although I didn't have to do anything explicitly for that- since Bill never takes you to the Sevii Isles, there's no way to finish the side-quest there, which is required to get the National Dex.
    No prob, I love helping. Just don't ask others, they're pretty stuck up if you know what I mean. ;)
    Level script is when you step on the map and an event happens, like the littleroot town script once you jump out of the truck.
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