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  • Well, there ya go :D

    Good luck! What's the topic you hate the most?

    I agree. I'm also pissed that Zelda U's going to be on the NX as well.
    Well, even a once a quarter showing is good enough to tell that you're alright, so that's good.

    Chemistry is fun! It all makes sense, and when you apply it, it's really cool.

    I have to say, I am! But I do wish they had provided us with just a little bit more information.

    I hope everything is swell on your end as well! I recently played in a musical :D
    TBH I didn't expect you to come back...wow! I hope you come around more often! I come on daily now, kinda like I did back in the day...I normally hang out in the Underground section.

    Nice :D I...never really tried to complete the Pokedex. I probably should, haha. I mean, it is the entire point of the game.

    Oh, that's cool! I myself am enjoying Chemistry and I think I will pursue it in college. Although, I really love music as well. But there aren't many career opportunities in music...

    I wouldn't call myself a complete loser. I manage myself...for the most part.

    Yeah, but on a much less competitive level. My priority with swimming is to have fun now.

    Those double posts have been plaguing the forum lately.
    Oh wow, didn't expect to hear from you! : D How has everything been treating you?
    Like, being awesome. Which I'm sure you are.

    University, huh? That's pretty cool. What will be your major field of study?

    I'm okay. I'm in junior year of high school now. Wow, how the time flies. I can't believe I was an EIGHTH grader when I frequented this place. Man, I thought I was so cool...
    That time is long past and I never held anything against you. You don't have anything to be sorry about

    Also, you mistake me. I am not "weird" with LGBT issues as you put it. I welcome everyone to live their life as they see fit, as long as it does not affect anyone else. You can identify as whatever you please, it won't make a difference to me unless you shove it in my face.

    Thanks, I try to live my life to the best.
    Wow, I came here for a small visit cause I had to clear things up with an old post I put... surprised to see you here! Long time no see, it's been over a year. Missed you too!
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    That's too bad. :c I miss one of my primary school friends, and we never talk anymore ...

    You haven't heard of it, I assume?
    Aw, that sucks, but being inspired is always good. Awww, you cried? xD But heh, I guess it's nice to have a tradition.

    Kirara from GJ-bu with a cat on her head. -w-
    Everyone seems to have already had them ... oh, well those sounds pretty cool, or are they not?
    Oh geez, already? We still have a whole term left! Well, I have a week off next week, but I'll be spending most of it revising for exam period.
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