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  • If you wanted to check your post history, you'd see that your thread was already approved.
    I noticed this is the second time you've done this in recent memory and I thought you should be aware of the rule on PC about blogs. :) Thanks!
    hi there are you still looking for artist? i might not be able to give you the best quality but am willing to try to draw some mean stuff for you over the holidays
    Hello! Sorry I took so long to reply, I gave you a full explanation in the Skype friend request I sent! I hope you are still looking for a spriter!
    Pretty cool game, I found you while reading about peoples opinions of google+ and I'm glad I got something out of that now

    Take a very close look at that image of yours please. You see that little tiny * next to the "Bandwidth: Unlimited*"

    It means "Psst! Hey! It's not really unlimited, it's only more bandwidth than a single person could generate!" And I'm sure PC eats about a TB a day at least in images alone! No chance it could survive or thrive on such a limit.

    Also, you're concerned about PC's rank? Pff. Alexa can kiss my ass. It doesn't matter. PC is as successful as any administrator here could ever expect it to be, and more. We don't need dirty, low down tricks like SEO to bump PC up in ranks. It's outstanding alone.

    I don't condone excessive SEO, and I definitely don't condone VISIBLE SEO. Page load times at PC vary wildly from 1-10 seconds because of the sheer number of members here. If you'd like to see better performance I'm sure the admins would appreciate it more if you simply organized a donation drive or something like that. XD
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