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  • Ok cool :) my day-off from work is thursday and friday so I'm pretty much free all day.
    fc: 1994-0871-6666 IGN: Magistelle
    EDIT: oh I tried breeding some, and so far I got some jolly 5iv tyrunts so I'll give you that instead :)
    Umm you said you have a complete pokedex, right? Can you do tradebacks for legendaries? I need just the dex data for all the legends except for the regi trio, lake pixie trio, legendary beast trio, heatran, mewtwo, yveltal and zygarde. No need to actually give me legends, I just need data in exchange for the tyrunt if that's alright.
    hey, do you still need a Sturdy Tyrunt? I have one, altho it's male and has random IVs. Hardy Nature.
    I was just browsin' around looking for some new info on shiny chaining methods and trying to confirm or deny the monochrome rumor, and saw your signature on the end of your posts and I thought I'd friend ya ^_^ I've already added you. My FC is: 3995-6685-7852 ~Zorous
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