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  • You're so welcome, sending you another cheer again for your new family! YAY!

    Thank you also for all your well wishes for me also, I'm doing alrightie. Glad to hear that everything has overall gone so nicely for you and your little one as you near that third trimester. Not that you never have rough moments or anything like you did earlier this week with the aches and pains, but all and all it sounds like heaps of good news, and evidently a spry healthy baby. Congratulations again on something wonderful coming your way!

    How are you feeling today, is your baby still kickboxing or settling down for a rest? I can imagine how thrilled you are, heck, I'm excited just reading about it :) you definitely deserve some time off, nice long family leave to focus on taking care of you and enjoy your life with your nearest and dearest. Giving you a hug, even though Milotics have no arms!
    Oh, it's just a reference of Princess Yue of Avatar, you know, the one who turned into the moon? Perhaps I should've put her character on my post 😅
    so far it's going okay! trying not to stress (easier said than done) but trying to get thru it day by day

    how about you?
    Been doing well! I'm busy as always but that's nothing new. I do miss having time to spend on the internet and on PC though- only get to check in every few weeks at best these days.

    How's life been with you?
    Thank you for your kind message! But it was really the person who made the texture who did most the work lol
    I'll take a peek and lurk around in places and see about DnD online. There was originally four us in the in person group, one of which left. Nothing wrong with three, but right now we're all more invested in watching One Piece and catching up to the latest episode (oh we're hundreds of episodes away @.@ ) than restarting DnD. But maybe online if I'm brave enough I'll have my own click to find. I admit, from the one game I've played and the little I know of DnD, I gotta say if I dive in again then I would prefer a narrative focused one than dungeons and action. Buuuut that's just me haha.

    Oooo I got back into my DnD beyond account. The name is Wawiwiwawo. Jesus what was I thinking haha. And trust me, it's fun being a Dragonborn, but out DM was willing to let us do any race that was on homebrewed that seemed like they made sense and weren't way too out there, thus now I have this itch to be the rabbit folk and possibly even a Grung character. Owlfolks toooooo. Ah.

    Oh I never tried it online, I'm really curious as to how that works and all o: I've only ever done in person with friends, but as a result it's kinda sporadic when we have time to do a session, and with everyone working and busy, it's difficult haha. It's been months since we've done a session and with the DM no longer dating one of the group members and all, it's looking like we're gonna have to restart. Not that I mind.

    As for meeeee, we'll, I'm embarrassed to say I've only done a single campaign (we didn't finish it ; -; ) but in that one I was a female white Dragonborn called Wawewewa (or something akin to that). A Rogue :3 We used the DND beyond app, so if I return to it I'm sure my info is still there haha.

    How about yourself?
    Y-you play DnD? (May have read one of your posts on Writing Lounge)

    I admit I'm a little new to it since my husband's best friend is the one responsible for convincing us to give it a shot, but oh my gosh. I loved it.
    Well I hope it goes well, what are you writing your dissertation about? Haha yeah posting on here can be cathartic.

    Haha, I feel like I am not on too much. I just came back about a week ago, I'm not sure how long I will be on. It has been fun posting again and seeing this place. Who knows how long I will be back. I guess it depends on how busy my life gets.
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