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  • Haha yeah, it's very funny yet endearing to me. I've come across it once or twice in Pinterest, and then stumbled upon a story that had a character create this frog origami with the misspelling scribbled on it. The way it was described and way the humor came out of nowhere really caught me off-guard.

    It stayed rent-free in my head for so long.
    Well okay then. You weren't kidding, this cool boi over here stomped all over my cool boi Bisharp.

    Now I'm over here scrolling through the entire- ohmahgawd Clodsire.

    I mean if I squint at my screen I can understand where you're coming from- and it's quite amusing haha <3

    Glad to see it makes you smile then ! If you don't mind me asking, what is your avatar supposed to be? I haven't been keeping up with the last two generations of Pokémon, so if it's within those two then oof, I gotta catch up.
    A neat thing is that I had got Pokémon Stadium 2 and that device allowing me to play Pokémon Game Boy's versions on TV through it, so, big screen and in colours!
    It is! The power of nostalgia... ^^
    Now that you suggested it, I just might try Heart Gold!
    I did play Diamond, but this game did not have much effect on me...
    omg a phd???!! how did i not know you were going for one :o

    i could go back to zach but then i'm afraid someone would swipe up tsutarja and i'd have to wait, just like how zach was taken up :(
    im not as frequent on here anymore, but wanted to say ayyyyyyyyyye at our new, similar pronouns <3
    riki is a cute name, v fitting for you. sending you good vibes always~~
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