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  • Ok cool, I probably wont give many ideas if any, not really my thing. But here is a custom sprite I drew up in hopes to replace the given
    Well that last one is just a smidge too big, but Ill find a sprite thats the right size. Were there any changes to the rom or can I use the patch that I sent you?
    Sure, I have some free time since I got most of my assignments turned in. I do most anything that doesnt involve writing asm(I can compile and insert thats about it) and drawing up new tiles or sprites.
    Yea ill fix it in the morning. Credit would be nice, as sprite inserter probably, i didnt really draw up them sprites.:)
    OMG COOKIES!!!!!!! If you send me a ips patch and the back sprites you want I can insert them and hopefully have them back to you by tuesday at the latest.
    Hey I heard you needed some help inserting backsprites, if you need to I can help out with that.
    For some reason he hates skype, but i am pretty much sure he can email you. Can you give me your email id? Btw he is quite busy these days with school. Btw he has a poketch.com account. You may contact him there.
    I really want to add a few features to my FR ROM like growing berries and/or adding forms. Do you know how to or at least suggest me something?
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