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  • That thread is still under review as discussed here. Regardless, it's not been a year since your last additional name change, so you'd not be able to request one anyway. Sorry.
    Yeah that sounds fun. I wouldn't recommend returning to PWO if the thought has crossed your mind, but there is a nice game i'm helping out at called Pokemon Revolution Online.

    Shane who was PWO old's developer, and Darcia a.k.a Nikola are both developers of P.R.O or PRO.

    If you get the urge, I hope to see you over there. :)

    Is that a steel-legged chair? I broke all but one wheel on my current chair that has plastic legs by leaning back in it, so I'm looking for a chair that's a bit sturdier.
    So you're specifically interested in everything you've seen so far. Soul Reapers are only in Bleach, by the way.

    D. Gray-Man, Kyoukai no Kanata, Sengoku Basara, and Neon Genesis Evangelion are some you might like off the top of my head.
    aww how is it being a dad? boy or girl and how old? it must be hard juggling everything!
    Hmmmm. Okay so you're pretty Americanized in your tastes. Are you willing to go a bit oblong?
    Oh. Yeah. Makes sense. I personally have a saving problem, haha. I've got collectibles, electronic toys, and furniture that probably add up to $10,000 in total current value and probably $20,000 in purchase value, which would be where all my money over the last 4 that wasn't being directed at loans, cars/car repairs, or rent went, whoops.

    Back injuries and back problems suck no matter what, because they linger for ages (I had moderate back problems on and off in my teens; nothing major and probably was mostly posture induced, though apparently also partly due to spine curvature, which I was told at 12 was on the more unusual side; I have some still now, but they're pretty much all weight and posture induced). I hope you at least got yourself a really nice, back-friendly chair to use at the computer.
    I think I remember you posting that story somewhere now.

    Injury thing's not fun I'd imagine, though. Especially with the kid (and if it doesn't yet, it might when the kid gets drastically more mobile).

    Personally, I'm still amazed at the $8400 price tag on the PC, considering that'd be about a quarter of my personal pretax income, but that's from my perspective as someone who only recently found the income to afford buying a car worth more than $10k and has not broken the $1000 barrier on money spent on a computer. I mean, even with upgrades on my current PC, (initial expense ~$400 for CPU, motherboard, PSU, and RAM plus freebies for the case, HDD, and DVD drives), I don't think I've topped $1000, and if I have, it's only just barely ($30 DVD drive, $60 BluRay drive, $30 bargain bin graphics card, $200 replacement for that bargain bin card 3 years later, $100 combined for 2 brand new HDDs a year after building because the 500 GB I had wasn't enough, $80 on a replacement PSU 3.5 years into the device's life because something got stuck inside the old PSU and shorted it out, and $70 on a 6 button gaming mouse; appears I haven't quite hit it yet).
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