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Mr Ghost
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  • man i have a lot of respect for people like you who do this stuff

    the only thing i can compare with was when i used to build shell programs many years ago, but even that isn't anywhere near as involved as what you're doing

    i wish you the best of luck & i hope you're doing well
    Oh wow i'm sorry to hear that.

    Oh nice!... take your time with it and create something awesome! :)
    aww i'm sorry to hear that regarding the tilesets. unfortunaltly i have no experience at all on the game development side of things, i really wish i could help you out on that. :(
    ... Um by chance, have you tried reaching out to DrFuji regarding help with that? He really knows his stuff and i have a feeling he might actually help you out with that tiling issue, as far as what to do and how.
    He even helped me out before regarding flag variable info to learn from (for my purposes), and i didn't even ask for it. :)
    ... well i'm glad the other part is going well at least. :)
    I'm friending you because I'm so curious about that rom hack you're brewing up. :)
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