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  • Hi I want to modify the ability Sturdy to have S.ATK moves target the user's DEF instead. Is there any way to do this?
    Hey there I've been having some issues with the Decap. and Attack Rombase, getting the new moves to be in the game. When I open PGE and go to the "Attack Editor" I see the new attacks for example acorbatics but Pokemon in my version never learn any attacks that weren't in gen 3. When I go to the "Pokemon Editor" to fix this I get an unhandled exception error. If anyone knows anything that could help I'd really appreciate it. My discord is ReptileMedias#3503
    Hey man! :) I'm not on this site a lot anymore I'm on Discord mostly now. Hope you're doing well man!
    If you could spare the time, I can't seem to get your Dark Pulse animation for FireRed to work. The background changes to dark and then my game will crash. I realize it was several years ago, so if you're not at the capacity to help, I understand. Thank you for contributing so many animations as well!
    Hi MrDollSteak.

    I was impressed by the very useful ASM routines you wrote down.

    I have a question while studying ASM and send a message.

    There is always a saying at the end of the source to insert the ASM routine at a specific address.

    How does the 'specific address' come out?

    Are there different ways of finding 'specific addresses' for Firered and Emerald?

    please reply.

    Hey DS
    I read your tutorial to add the fairy type to pokemon emerald, but in the status screen was showing flying type and keeps resetting. Can you tell me why or how to fix it? Thx!
    Hola me presento mi nombre es Tobías y estoy trabajando en un remasterizacion de Pokémon victory fire el motivo de mi mensaje es que me interesó eso de sus segundo frames de los Pokémon para emerald pero aquí va mi pregunta este proyecto quedó abandonado por qué hace tiempo que no se sabe nada de él incluso la última vez que lo visite y ahora sigue estando los mismo Pokémon de aquella vez mi pregunta es ¿Aún no lo han subido o simplemente ya dejaron de seguir haciéndolo por qué como ya ve ya salió la octava generación y aún no han terminado la quinta? Sería de gran ayuda si me contestará este mensaje para poder saber si va a seguir este proyecto para seguir esperando o si no poder buscar por otro lado
    Hi Mr. DS

    Is a general way to develop new abilities or you have to make it in a different way every ability? I was watching you post with new abilities and I want to learn.
    Hello Mr. DS!
    Could you please guide me on how to port Abilities created for Fire Red (Iron Fist, Defiant, Competitive) into Emerald. Luuma has already achieved it, but he hardly visits the community these days. Any guidance in this regard would be much appreciated.
    Thank you.
    I was looking at your Decap rombase and have been having issues with it. I may be using the patcher wrong but when I apply the patch it doesn't show the icons and was wondering if you had any idea on how to fix it.
    Heyo MrDS, what's up. You've put the same link for Arceus' Steel and Ghost type forms in the Sugimori Palettes thread.
    I thought I should let you know in case you wanna fix it.

    I love the project and the Gen. 6 sprites project too. Keep up the good work dude. Cheers!
    Hi! I would like to ask about the Battle Script Loader. Every time I branch to it in my routine, it's either nothing happens or the game crashes.

    Here's my routine:
    .align 2

    push {r0-r1, lr}
    ldr r0, =0x8780680 //my battle script//
    bl linker
    pop {r0-r1, pc}

    ldr r1, =0x801BABB //Battlescript loader I found on some routines//
    bx r1
    sorry mrdollsteak wanted saber if you could see the routine of the election specifications and the scarf, what happens and what is being searched in your base and the information that is on the list of choice but not the scarf, rather the limits.

    Do you think you can give them?
    Hey sorry to bother you but I'm having some trouble with your codes about the abilities of gen IV-V. I know it's been a long time but the fact is I don't know what's the problem (I'm speaking about lightning rod and Storm drain): when I use them in single battle everything's fine but when I try them on a double battle the game let me select the moves but then restarts; even if none of the pokemon in the battle has one of the abilities mentioned before.
    I'm trying not to use a hack already prepared but I'm trying to learn and this thing really stresses me 'cause I don't know what's the problem.
    Sorry for the long message and thanks already.
    Hi MrDollSteak,
    I am new to ROM hacking and would love to write ASM to create custom abilities. I understand ASM to a decent degree, however I do not understand the various indexes and hex values that you have in your various gen 3 implementations of gen 4/5/6 abilities. Could you possibly go through a simple assembly ability and explain each line's purpose?
    Thank you so much for everything you do for this community!
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