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  • Yeah, I'm surprised they didn't copy the weather from D/P to B/W either, but at the same time, it's kinda expected if it's code that's unusable.

    When I mentioned about WiiWare, I'm actually referring to the Japanese-only Pokémon Mystery Dungeon games released as WiiWare. So far, we've made significant progress with it's compression algorithm.
    Hey, I've been well. And I've been doing some research with the WiiWare PMD games lately, mostly puzzled over it's compression format. And as for DS hacks, I've researching the weather data in B/W, the weather in B/W works very differently from D/P or even HG/SS.

    Anyways, how've you been?
    Hey MrElephant.

    Yeah I definitely am.
    I actually haven't worked on Prototype in a while (still on the to do list).
    Instead I've been maintaining the pokered-gbc hack (the Full Color hack) and the pokered-crysaudio hack (Pokemon red with Pokemon Crystal's sound engine).
    Currenlty I'm working with Mateo on Red++.
    I recently finished merging both pokered-gbc and pokered-crysaudio with his Red++.
    not much, i've just been pretty occupied with my life and i barely get the chance to come on often as you can see. hbu?
    Yep, that's the one.
    Hmmm... I don't know about that. Maybe? Did you mean hosting any pokemon hacks in general or just ones for GB/C like I have made?
    If I was to host ones of GBA as well, I wouldn't want to have links for popular GBA hacks that in my personal opinion are sort of bad at the same time. I'd much rather have good hacks there, so whoever came there to download something would find a better hack in terms of gameplay than the popular hacks seem to have in general. Most hacks out there that kids prefer have just fancy graphics, differently written storyline or such normal things as their main features. I'd much rather host something that offers a playing experience.

    Also, I didn't mean to say all GB/C hacks are better in general to GBA ones although that probably applies for the popular ones. So it's not like I would want to host every single hack of RBY or GSC there either. Mainly ones that have some productive work put into them if I put up hacks made by others as well.

    But you see this as a good idea in general?
    Yeah well I can't get my hands on the IPS files hosted on my thread either though... But at least there is one link that works :)
    And true that - I don't know about hacks by many others because I rarely download any, but yesterday I checked where I could download the IPS patches for most hacks I've made and the links were down in every thread here I think. Luckily, I remembered I had several hacks hosted in Zophar's Domain so I downloaded the IPS patches there.

    In case you're wondering why I did that yesterday, I had picked up an idea of making a website where I could host Dark Energy, and other rom hacks I've made. And during yesterday, I actually put up the site as well.
    Its best if the original creators re-uploaded them.. they may have made updates too, and all that.
    I'm here for the community (so was Kwesi) mostly.. We are both old-school Pokemon website owners who wanted to add to the overall community of fans.

    Yeah, bad times... I wish we could have recovered them (and all the other missing attachments and images) but stuff happens.. gone forever unless the original maker re-uploads them.
    Thanks a lot Mr.Elephant Ninja man lol thank to you i was accepted as a friend by Platinum Lucario and he agreed to help me out.
    If I had the incentive to practice programming, I would've been able to do so much. But since I lack the incentive to do it (and the same thing with editing models too), there's very little I can do to help ROM hacking progress to further generations.
    If I knew programming, I'm sure I would've done a lot of research into how the maps work. There's a few maps in Lumiose City that are the only maps in the sixth generation that actually use Mode 7 (Third-Person view).
    Member 0 never existed, and member 1 moved to member 1345 or something like that about a year in to PCs life . He's since left the community and moved on.
    I'd actually like to see customized storylines in the sixth generation games, rather than just randomizers. But at least we're seeing some progress in the 3DS ROM hacks.
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