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  • Hi there,
    I appreciate the kind words about the travel log. You're in luck because I have just picked up on the series with Emerald again after going through a long break, trying to breed for IVs this time. I have around 30 more Hoenn mons to beat, and they're all in the Battle Frontier, which explains why it's taking so long.
    Yeah, Art requires practice, but you'll get there, i know it! also, nice tails pfp!
    Oh, yeah I'll always reach you back. I might sometimes be slower right now, but I'll always return to my messages at some point. I can draw to an extent, but I don't like practicing. It's mostly for my own enjoyment.

    Of course though. You can message whenever. I use the forum for a similar reason sometimes.

    I played The Last of Us a few years ago, then played Last Of Us 2 in 2022. I currently do not have a working PS4 controller, but my sister is going to let me borrow hers so I can play Kingdom Hearts.
    Hello! Sorry for the slow reply. Finally working my way through messages.

    No it's okay. It's nice seeing you around. Are you enjoying the forum?

    And thank you. Actually switching my profile around since it's been a year. Got a little lazy so right now it's left unfinished. I like your profile picture.
    Yeah! mother 3 was super emotional, lol. also, yeah! you should definitely share your artwork, i'd love to see that! :D
    Hi MVs.C fan! I hope you're feeling awesome today. Writing to let you know that your new King of Fighters Club has been approved, and all ready. I think we will find some fans on the forum, if you need help getting members though you can always expand it to include all types of fighting video games in general. Good luck on your project! Thanks for your patience in waiting for the club to be published ^_^ Have a great weekend!
    I would like my account to be deleted
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