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  • looks like you haven't been around for a while, but if you ever make it back, I finally completed my monocolors through gen V! lol.
    Yeah that would be fine. I mean when you complete Ultimates it stops showing a list of what you completed, though. It's purely optional but I don't forbid those challenges.
    Yes! If you look at the VG splash, it has a link to the Twitch. Currently I haven't streamed anything due to busyness, but that should change soon! :)
    It's not fully updated, sorry. School is priority right now. After next week I can put more time into the forum.
    lol oops. I'll add you when I update, which I'm going to do today or tomorrow.
    Thanks, yeah I guess I still like to play all the games over a longer period of time. Thinking about getting Gen VI games so I can keep on going on on those ultimates, but we will see what happens in the future.

    I hear you on other games. I really used to be into console games and now they just don't hold the same appeal, especially given the much higher costs with the new consoles these days. If I wanted to get back into it I would really have a block out time for it to justify the costs, and I just don't feel like giving up the other stuff I do for that (including Pokemon probably).
    I am such a bad Challenges regular. I didn't know you were back until today when I saw your name as the last post in the monoype thread. So what's up!!! I got a fulltime job recently so I now have a greater appreciation for those who take forever to complete challenges haha.
    Unfortunately no. I actually got through the first gen, but I it took FOREVER! lol
    I have looked everywhere for a compiled list as well, but I wasn't able to find anything.
    Oh, I meant to fix this, but I completely forgot to make changes in order to reduce the number of hacks or trades required to complete the challenge. I have updated the rules to accommodate the version exclusives! Thanks again for notifying me. Enjoy.
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