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  • rip nintendo hasn't been so good w/ price drops on the switch. :x

    even a used model is still over 200 bucks, which is why I haven't gotten one yet lmfao
    the only way i'll buy a switch is if gen 8 is worth it TBH, but I do want d/p remakes...

    yeah, I don't forum nearly as much as I used to, either. I have periods where I don't go on forums much at all, other than to lurk.
    LMFAO, I post here still because I have nowhere else to post about Pokémon. <_<

    where do you forum nowadays? You still on Belltree?
    I wasn't feeling Musique as a name, and wanted this one back~.

    MYSTIC MESSENGER? Oh, dear god, it's funny as hell. But... serious at the same time. I got Yoosung's route, but I may play for Jaehee (that's the girl)'s route next time, lmfao. Play it, it's a good time waster.
    Well, I haven't really been thinking about writing lately, actually. :( I apologize.

    So, let's... get back to this topic some other time... uh. Dubs. Let's talk about those. What is the worst dub you've ever seen in anything ever?
    It's a small world out there. /Sarcasm

    So, it's called Musikhe. It's a magical girl (cosmic) horror story that's gonna be a bloodfest. Yayy.

    Deku is awesome, and that's why he caught my eye. PLEASE ERASE SASUKE FROM THIS WORLD RIGHT NOW. Any character like him, too, please.
    I've heard Australia school year starts in January.... speaking of early, I mean.

    SOON, I promise. I got a tiny bit of muse back. And for writing as well. Brainstorming a new book that's non Standing Creation. :D

    For My Hero Academia? I love Deku most, naturally.

    EW, can we not talk about Sasuke. I hate him so much, even if he turned out good in the end. :x
    I think in Japan, it's March... anyway.

    I'm always watching something. Haven't felt icony lately, sadly, which sucks since, I used to icon them all the time. AND YES, OMG PLEASE CATCH UP TO HERO. iT'S GOOD.
    oh, right down south and anywhere that isn't the east coast is done w/school in May. What do you do online nowadays anyway, lmfao. (And you only follow like, eight people (including me) on Twitter, so I guess I can see why.)

    Any Alice manga is unoriginal. Re, see I am Alice Bodyswap in wonderland. Every time Alice is drawn in any manga she even looks the same, sans the PH one.
    I knew it, lmfao. You love all the salt. I'm guessing you've been busy w/school because you haven't been on Twitter much.

    I don't know! The vibe is just.. similar, but different. It feels like a less creepy version of PH, if you ask me. Did you know PH was based off of Alice in Wonderland, btw?

    I feel like the epilogue will just be another video anyway, and it'll waste our time.
    Honestly, I'd watch Crystal if you enjoy listening to people be salty about it. It's also shorter and less irksome. The original is 200 episodes, so it's too long... unless you like long.

    Bungou Stray Dogs reminds me of Pandora Hearts! ...Hard to believe I'd say something like that in this day and age. @_@

    I'm wondering when the epilogue will drop. Hussie will probably a year to release it or something, we all know he likes keeping us waiting forever until he thinks we forgot all about it...
    I'm enjoying pretty much everything I'm watching! ...Except Big Order, lol. I'm watching: My Hero Academia, Sailor Moon Crystal III, Hundred (not this one, lol), Bakuon!! (FAVE), Bungo Stray Dogs, Netoge, Anne Happy (this one is weird), Concrete Revolutio Superhero Phantasm The Last Song, Big Order (eh), Flying Witch and High School Fleet. My favorite is Bakuon and My Hero Academia.

    I know the feel of creating a world after all... since I haven't thought about my book lately, I don't have much to say about it right now. I hope the epilogue provides some closure... JUST THE HIATUS IN GENERAL, TBH.
    We'll see how long I wanna keep this one. xD It's Deku, from Boku no Hero Academia. Some new anime airing atm. By "feelings", I mean anything but romance, like, bias, etc, lmfao.

    Totally. When I have any free time, I use it on anime, lol. The update felt... incomplete. I was also upset it was a video??? Come on, a video?? That's what I waited eight months for?? A fucking video? ...Hussie says he's making an epilogue, though, or something, lmfao. I'm not as into hs as I was two years ago. The last hiatus kinda pissed me off enough to nearly lose interest.
    Thank you. I might keep it, lmfao.
    I try to not leave anyone hanging, I answer if the user is on my mind, unless I have feelings for the person, then I answer right away.

    I keep trying to get sho to catch up, but sho doesn't have time. ;;
    AND THEN I FORGET TO ANSWER FOR ELEVEN DAYS. i'm such a good friend. :')

    It's a volunteer program where I go to various job sites, and keeps me out of the house, you know, so I can't complain.

    SPEAKING OF HOMESTUCK... let's talk about that again. Sho is behind. :( So I need someone to spam it about, that'd be you!
    This got buried. I wasn't ignoring you for two weeks. I apologize.

    A spinoff? ...lmfao, how about a different route instead. If I had that kind of time, which I don't, because I am in work program, yeah, so no time anymore.

    Yeah, yeah, I'd rather she come back to life via Homestuck level bullshit, rather than some half assed way, since nothing beats Homestuck's terrifying time anomalies, lol.
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